Team Location: Japan
Games Played:
Fighting Games

Fuudo is no stranger to the international stage, entering the fray with a highly prestigious victory at Super Battle Opera for Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned in 2005, before going on to the win the same competition for Virtua Fighter 5 in 2008. In 2009, Fuudo won the World Cyber Games Grand Finals for Virtua Fighter 5 before switching to an all new game to be crowned the EVO 2011 champion for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. In his career, Fuudo has claimed three major titles in three different games, while supporting many up-and-coming communities and events.

FUUDO(ふ~ど)Keita, AI(阿井 慶太)

Winner: "LG Cup" STREET FIGHTER IV AE JP Round Winner x4: "World Game Cup Cannes 2012" (France) SSFIV AE2012 3on3, 5on5 International, SF3rd OE 2on2, SFxT Individual
Winner: "Shadowloo Showdown 2012" (Australia) VF5FS
Winner: "EVO2012 (US)" VF5FS
Winner: "TOGEKI 2012" SSFIV AE2012
Winner: "TOPANGA League A" SSFIV AE2012
Winner: "VFR Beat Live Cup #13" 5on5
Winner: "Canada Cup 2012" SSFIV AE2012 5on5 International

Winner: "SEGA Cup 2013 (US)" VF5FS
Winner: "Canada Cup 2013" SSFIV AE2012 5on5 International
Winner: "World Cyber Games 2013 (China)" SSFIV AE2012
Winner: "VFR Tokyo Bay Area Cup 2013 Vol.11" VF5FS
Winner: "The 2nd Official Award GUNSLINGER'S BATTLE ARENA Next"

Winner: "SEGA CUP 2014 (US)" VF5FS
Winner: "DreamHack Winter 2014 (Sweden)" SSFIV

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