Team Location: Australia, New Zealand
Founded: 2007
Games Played:
Battlefield 4
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Fighting Games
Halo 4
Heroes of the Storm
StarCraft II

StarCraft II:
  • 1st place finish at ACL Sydney
  • Top 16 finish at WCS Season 1 in France

Heroes of the Storm:
  • 1st place May Brawl
  • 2nd place ANZ Finals - Road to Blizzcon Qualifiers

Fighting Games:
  • 1st place MarvelvsCapcom3 at Shadowloo Showdown 6 in 1st place MarvelvsCapcom3 at ButtonSmash in Brisbane
  • 2nd place Mortal Kombat X at BAM7 in Melbourne
  • 2nd place MarvelvsCapcom3 at BAM7
  • 3rd place King of Fighters at Shadowloo Showdown
  • 3rd place King of Fighters at BAM7

Battlefield 4:
  • 2nd place ESL One Summer Series
From its inception to the present, Exile5 remains Oceania's premier multi-gaming organization. Exile5 supports the region's best gamers by providing them with a professional environment, mentors and managers to help them reach the heights of their Esports career. Exile5 sets a high standard for professionalism, focusing on maintaining a mature and respectful culture while pushing for discipline and dedication in gaming.

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