Razer mamba

soft touch. hard control

Revolutionary hybrid soft/hard mat

The Razer Megasoma 2 improves on its predecessor’s incredible innovation to deliver the precision of a hard mat, with the comfort of a soft one. New methods of construction provide a highly stable and yet exquisitely soft silicon surface that minimizes physical mouse jitters for a more consistent gaming performance.

New anti-static and anti-fraying design

The anti-static treated top-layer of the Razer Megasoma 2 ensures mice used with this mat remain free of electric discharge over extensive use . The edges have also been redesigned to prevent fraying , giving the mat longer lasting durability.

Specialized texture design for increased precision

The Razer Megasoma 2’s surface has a proprietary texture that delivers the right degree of resistance for exacting mouse control. For gamers who need assured precision to pull off headshots quickly and efficiently, look no further.

Tech Specs

  • Hybrid silicon soft/hard mat for consistent performance
  • Specialized texture design for controlled precision
  • Durable anti-static, anti-fraying design
  • Flexible and highly portable
  • Soft cushioning feel for extended comfort
  • Approximate size:
    width: 230 mm / 9.06”
    length: 350 mm / 13.79”
    height: 2.3 mm / 0.09”
  • Approximate weight: 250 g / 0.55 lbs