Naga Phone Update

Naga Phone Update

When the game is on the line, will you answer the call

When gamers first got their hands on the Razer Naga, we received a ton of feedback: “This thing feels perfect in my hand” and “LOL look like phone.” As funny an observation as it is, that last bit got us thinking-

The sensor on the Razer Naga is so precise that it detects the most minute changes in position via Doppler shift. Couldn’t we, theoretically, apply that capability to detecting the vibrations of human speech?

The answer is yes.

When your mouse is your phone, your phone is your PWN.

Through a simple firmware update, you can now unlock the ability to transform your Naga into a communications device. Utilize VOIP functionality and even tie into your existing phone # to keep your friends and family as close as your enemies.

With the Naga Phone, communication is always in the palm of your hand. You won’t have to dig through your pocket mid-game to answer that important call. And after taking out a couple of n00bs, you can even order take-out.

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Mice are Phone Capable*

Naga Phone functionality is only two steps away. Phone in the own and SMS ur IRL BFFs w/0 going AFK. LOL!

Here's What you need to do:

  • Download/update to the latest version of Synapse 2.0.
  • Ensure that you are at the Razer Naga configuration screen.
  • Hold your Razer Naga to your ear.
  • Input this code on your keyboard:
  • If entered correctly, you will receive a special confirmation
    screen with additional instructions.

Enjoy your newly phone-enabled Razer Naga!

Let your friends know that their mice are phone ready.
Join the call to action.

*Keys 9 and 12 on the Razer Naga function as * and #, respectively. Note that Naga Hex users must hold down Mouse Button 2 to access keys 6-12
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