Meet the best console gaming headset – The Razer Thresher Ultimate

The Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset for the PlayStation 4 delivers top-notch, lag-free audio through Dolby Digital and Dolby technologies. With an ergonomic lightweight design, command in comfort with our best console headset to date.

“It’s so good, it’s almost cheating. If you don’t play competitive games with a good headset, you’re at a disadvantage, that’s for sure.”

– PlayStation Lifestyle

“The Razer Thresher Ultimate may be the best wireless Dolby 7.1 gaming headphones of the year.”

– Windows Central

“There’s no shortage of great-sounding gaming headphones out there, but what Razer has created with the Thresher Ultimate is something special.”

– TechRadar

It’s Awesome

Get the most immersive audio experience with Dolby Headphone technology with 7.1 surround sound.

It’s Wireless

Game lag-free and with absolute confidence with an optimized long-distance wireless connectivity.

It’s Comfortable

Play through the most intense battles with the headset’s lightweight form factor and plushy leatherette ear cushions.

Experience the new wireless headset king today

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