Razer Comms In-Game Overlay

Razer Comms In-game Overlay

The Overlay

The unobtrusive overlay sits on your right by default. It can be accessed with a click or a keystroke. Active chats are accessed by clicking the active chat icon. The number of notifications you have is displayed below the active chat icon.


Clicking on the notifications below the active chat icon gives you all the messages from your individual or group chats. Hovering over the avatar lets you know the name of the individual or group that has the messages.

Comms Panel

Quickly access your friends and groups via the expanded Comms Panel. Simply drag and re-position the minimized panel if you want it in a different location.

The minimized panel automatically snaps to the edge of your screen for a clean gaming experience. All active chats are readily accessed by clicking the active chat icon.

Active Voice Calls

The Group Chat Panel appears when you have an active voice chat. Multi-functionality lets you drop the current voice call, adjust the speaker volume and mute your mic using the Group Chat Dashboard.


The In-Game Overlay can be accessed with hotkeys. You can show or hide the overlay. Hiding the overlay keeps it in the background based on your opacity settings in preferences. You can have a clickable overlay or a non-clickable state during the game.

  1. Press Ctrl + Tab to show or hide.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift to toggle the active state (clickable) or (non-clickable) state.
Show/hide in-game overlay
Clickable/non-clickable in-game overlay