Razer Junglecat iOS Companion App
Discover the best games

Whether you’re a huge fan of first person shooters or challenging adventure puzzles, the Razer Junglecat iOS companion app keeps you up to date on the latest titles optimized for controller play. From the hottest 2D side-scrollers to exhilarating fighting games, the companion app scours the entire appstore for titles best played with your Junglecat.

Take your mobile game play up a notch as you enjoy the ease of console-grade controls, and experience the Razer advantage brought to life by your Junglecat.

Be in full control

From individual button sensitivity settings for a high speed racing game, to numerous keybinds for an intense adventure game, having access to your specific gaming profiles is always important. The Razer Junglecat iOS companion app remembers and loads your preferences with your favorite games, so when your Junglecat is in your hands, you’re always ready to go.

With complete control of your Junglecat, you’ll get to experience the unbridled power of the predator, all in the palm of your hands.

Junglecat App Coming Soon.

Get the latest iOS 7 games compatible with the Razer Junglecat

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