Razer | OSVR Hacker Dev Kit
Build Your Own
In line with the OSVR vision, the entire hardware design is open source, so if you’re a techie and want to build your own, just download the 3D-Files and create your own set of VR-Glasses. Head over here to find out how.
Experience VR Now
The OSVR Hacker Development Kit has been designed to be the best balance of quality and system requirements and can be run on a mid-tier gaming PC and upwards, allowing you to experience the next generation of digital entertainment either with your existing gaming rig or with minimal upgrades.
User Upgradable
Keep up with industry standards
The OSVR Hacker Development Kit is designed to be user upgradable allowing VR enthusiasts and developers to swap key components within the HDK like optics, displays and faceplates in order to get the experience they want. You'll always be up-to-date without having to buy a new headset.
Faceplate Module
Default for v1.4
  • IR Faceplate providing positional information with 360 degree tracking for responsive, multi directional input.

    Comes with an IR Camera operating at 100hz.
Sensor hub with integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and compass

External USB 3.0 connection for additional accessories

Additional 2 x USB 3.0 connectors for internal expansion

Re-programmable for additional functionality.
Display Module
Single full HD 5.5” low persistence OLED silver screen with 401 PPI running at 60fps resulting in clearer, brighter images.

Diffusion film technology for reduced screendoor effect and best-in-class picture quality.

*Contributing to the low persistence is the simulated 240hz frequency rate the display operates at.
Optics Module
High performance dual lens system for ultra-sharp images

Enlarged eye-box for fuss-free setup, right out-of-box

Low geometric distortion and colour corrected image for faster rendering

Individual eye focus for personalized use without glasses.

*diopters cover +4.5 to -2 adjustments to cater to majority of users.
HMD Mechanical Module
Removable face mask

Bamboo charcoal microfiber foam layer for additional comfort

Thicker foam padding for cheekbones & nose bridge rubber insert for enhanced comfort.
Belt Box Module
Additional USB 3.0 connectivity

Surround Sound Audio codec integrated

Easier cable management and ergonomics

Signal boosters
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