Nabu is designed to be socially discreet, so you stay connected without being distracted.

From client meetings to a romantic candlelit dinner, there are moments when pulling out your smartphone is just not the right call. With just a quick glance at the Razer Nabu on your wrist, stay updated without being rude.

dual screen

Nabu subtly vibrates as the Public Icon Screen displays the nature of the notification, and if you need more details, turning your wrist will instantly activate the Private Message Screen — so you can stay updated discreetly and get right back to what you were doing in a second.

programmable gestures

When you’re halfway into a burger, fumbling with buttons on your smartphone isn’t something you want to be doing. Program your Nabu to recognize your gestures, such as dismissing active notifications with a shake of your wrist, or enabling sleep mode with just a snap of your fingers, so it knows exactly what to do, even when you have your hands full.


You set the notification priority, the time and even the location. Turn off social updates at the office, get location-based offers only from bars in your neighborhood, and set your tweet feed to only vibrate while you’re catching the latest blockbuster.

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