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First introduced with the original Razer Boomslang, On-The-Fly Sensitivity allows you to fine tune the speed of the mouse in game without ever having to pull up driver menus or minimizing the game. Once the button on the mouse that is mapped to "On-The-Fly Sensitivity is pressed, the scroll wheel will allow you to adjust mouse sensitivity from 1 to 10 in increments of .5.

On-the-Fly Sensitivity works with true dpi settings in order to adjust tracking precision. Rather than add unnecessary movement data in order to simulate higher dpi settings, On-the-Fly Sensitivity will work with the mouse's maximum dpi setting and filter out every 2nd, 3rd, etc. count that is not needed by the user. Because of this, a setting of 10.0 will ensure full use of the current dpi setting, while a setting of 5.0 will filter out every 2nd count that the sensor sends, allowing for customizable sensitivities at a flick of the user's scroll wheel.

The right sensitivity is extremely important to perfecting your playstyle. By placing the sensitivity adjustment on the mouse itself, it allows players to fine tune their mouse sensitivity with instantaneous feedback. This allows players to test out multiple sensitivity levels, finding the right one for them, without ever leaving the game.

On-The-Fly Sensitivity can prove beneficial when switching weaponry, classes or vehicles in an FPS. You may prefer a lower sensitivity with snipers or flying a jet than you would with an assault rifle on foot.

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