Razer Mouse Advisor

1 ) Which hand do you use to control your mouse?
Right hand only.
Left hand only.
No preference. Both/either hand is fine.
2 ) What size of mouse do you prefer?
Small Mouse.
Large Mouse.
No preference.
3 ) How do you hold your mouse?
Fingertip Grip I only use the tips of my fingers to move my mouse around.
Claw Grip I use the tips of my fingers and the pit of my palm to move my mouse around.
Palm Grip I like feeling the entire mouse in the palm of my hand.
Not sure, none of these ways seem to describe how I hold my mouse.
4 ) What kind of gaming surface are you using?
I'm playing on a soft mat.
I'm playing on a hard mat.
I'm using both/either kind of mat depending on what im doing.
5 ) What size of monitor are you playing on?
Small Monitor.
Large Monitor.
Not Sure.
6 ) Would you like to use your mouse to perform macros?
Yes, I'd like to bind a command to one of my mouse buttons.
No, I don't use Macros.
I don't mind
7 ) Would you like your mouse to be wireless?
Yes, I dont like cables restraining me.
No, I dont mind cables.
Both wired or wireless are fine.
8 ) Do you want to use your mouse on multiple computers?
Yes, my mouse is very important to me and I want it to work a certain way every time I plug it into.
No, I only use my mouse on one computer and I don't intend to use it with another computer.
I don't mind
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