Razer Mouse Advisor

Choosing a mouse is a personal affair.

What glides effortlessly along like greased lightning in one's hand might plod along clumsily like a mule in another's. What opens new realms of performance for one gamer might open new windows of grief for another.

This perceived 'inconsistency' is a source of great puzzlement and chagrin to many gamers today, who often attribute a mouse's less-than-satisfactory performance to manufacturing defects, inherent design flaws, or worse technological impotence.

And because our hands and playstyles vary in a great many ways, word of mouth and mimicry can only go so far.

There is a great need for answers today. And, as the best in the business, we're better poised than anyone else to provide them.

With this mouse selection grimoire, we hope to decisively diffuse the confusion and uncertainty. Through these pages, you will gain insights into Razer's industry-defining technologies that have often been shrouded in some mystery and cloaked in fancy (but informative) labels like Ultrapolling™ and Hyperesponse™. You will learn about the ergonomic and design decisions that inform the deliberate creation of our mice. And you will grasp how your individual gaming preferences and playstyles factor into all of the above.

By providing you with the knowledge to appreciate and subsequently marry the art of mousing with its science, it is our hope that you will come to uncover the undeniable logic and purpose underpinning each Razer mouse. There is a Razer mouse lying in wait for your hand. The challenge—and excitement!—lies in determining which.

More frags. Less frustration. Your journey towards choosing the perfect mouse begins here.

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