Mechanical keyboards
Every key on the Razer BlackWidow has its own independent mechanical key switch mechanism, delivering crisp response and tactile feedback for a completely different feel with each key stroke.

Imagine every single key on the keyboard with the precision of a mouse click – no more pressing of keys without knowing for certain if they have been actuated. Precision clicking coupled with an optimized lighter key actuation force will redefine the way gamers play.

Standard keyboards
Membrane (standard) keyboards are by far the most commonly used with today’s computers. They are designed so that all the keycaps are positioned above rubber domes, which in turn are above a plastic membrane that spreads over the entire keyboard.

Most mechanical keyboards gamers use today are standard mechanical keyboards rebadged as gaming keyboards, lacking key features that give them the competitive gaming edge. The Razer BlackWidow’s uniquely tactile mechanical key architecture with an actuation point halfway through the full distance of 4mm, combined with its distinct tactile feedback, allows the Razer BlackWidow to provide gamers a keyboard that responds like no other.

Most mechanical keyboards require 60-80g of force to actuate keystroke commands, resulting in actuation fatigue that decreases gameplay performance.

Other mechanical keyboards provide little to no tactile feedback at the point of key actuation, so you cannot ensure that your command has fired until you bottom out your key stroke.

The Razer BlackWidow optimized key actuation force of 50g enables you to respond faster in the heat of battle and outlast your opponents.

The Razer BlackWidow’s distinct tactile feedback upon key actuation that responds with a bump to your fingertips. Combined with an actuation point of 2mm (halfway through the 4mm full travel distance), you will know exactly when your command has fired so you can rapidly move on to the next key stroke and move in for the quick kill.

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