BlackWidow 2013

The new 2013 edition of the Razer BlackWidow has been locked and reloaded to deliver the best performance to an all-new generation of gamers. Its full mechanical key infrastructure with blue switches remains the core technology that powers this top-of-the-line keyboard, offering distinctive tactile feedback, superior gaming-grade response, and faster key actuations as compared to standard keyboards.

The Razer BlackWidow now features enhanced anti-ghosting technology. 10 key roll-over in gaming mode lets gamers destroy the competition with as many key presses as there are fingers on both hands. You say ‘Overkill?’ we say ‘Doing it right’. An all-new feature on the Razer BlackWidow is its USB and audio passthroughs, as asked for by the gaming community and delivered right on this wunderkind of a keyboard.

Gamers get total convenience with more room to plug in their other gaming peripherals or removable storage devices, and all within easy reach. Prepare to destroy the competition as the Razer BlackWidow, in a new anti-fingerprint matte black finish, keeps you on top of your game.

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