Mass Effect 3 Razer iPhone 4 Protection Case - Gaming Cases & Covers - Razer United States

Mass Effect 3 iPhone case

Unlock multiplayer content packs and the deadly Collector Assault Rifle
The iPhone 4 Protection Case by Razer Mass Effect 3 Edition comes with a code that can be redeemed for downloadable content packs for Mass Effect 3 multi-player, including character boosters and the deadly Collector Assault Rifle to give you a leg up on the Reaper invasion. If you have already obtained the Collector Assault Rifle, this code will strengthen the weapon further.

Visit BioWare Social Network for instructions on how to unlock your new upgrades. Supported on Xbox 360 and PC only.
  • Heavy duty silicone for heavy duty protection of your iPhone 4 from the elements
  •  Rubberized finish for better grip
  •  Rugged design inspired by the iconic N7 armor


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