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Battlefield 4™

Gain the competitive edge with the same gaming gear used by pro-gamers in the biggest modern combat shooter yet from DICE and EA, only with the Razer Battlefield 4™ Collector’s Edition Peripherals and Gear.  All these weapons are designed to work perfectly on their own, but when armed together, you become a highly effective soldier honed for victory.

Only in Battlefield™ can you experience this amazing level of all out war.

Only with Razer can you get the competitive edge to obliterate all who oppose you.



Battlefield 4™ Collector's Edition

Battlefield 4™ Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

The Battlefield 4™ Razer BlackWidow Ultimate’s mechanical key infrastructure delivers crisp tactile feedback to your fingertips with every keystroke.  It’s like feeling the punchy recoil of your weapon as it takes out the competition and the assurance that every key you actuate is executed quickly in the game.  The keyboard is fully backlit so under low lighting conditions, you never have to put on night vision goggles to make sure you hit the right keys.

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Battlefield 4™ Razer BlackShark

The deep rumbling of a tank as it passes you on the battlefield, the sharp bang pinpointing the location of an enemy sniper in the distance, and the tactical chatter with teammates as you take down an enemy position; hear all that and more with absolute clarity with the Battlefield 4™ Razer BlackShark 2.0 Expert Gaming Headset.

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Battlefield 4™ Razer Destructor 2

The Battlefield 4™ Razer Destructor 2 features a highly responsive surface coating that makes mouse movements more responsive and accurate when translated in-game.   The micro-textures over the surface deliver the right level of resistance so the cursor lands exactly where you need it to.  Pinpoint accurate shots achievement unlocked.

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Battlefield 4™ iPhone 5 Protection Case

Get peace of mind when your smartphone is armored in a heavy-duty silicone protection case.  Rough weather and the everyday shocks of life have nothing on your high-tech communications and entertainment device.

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