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Battlefield 3™

Equip yourself with the Razer Battlefield 3 Collector's Edition Peripherals and Gear – a cache of high-performance gaming weaponry to help you emerge victorious.


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Battlefield 3™ Collector's Edition

Battlefield 3™ Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Imperator

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Battlefield 3™ Razer BlackShark

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Onza Tournament Edition

The Razer Onza TE gaming controller for the Xbox 360 gives gamers the maximum competitive edge on the battlefield with adjustable resistance on both analog sticks for better sensitivity control and two additional fully programmable Multi-Function Buttons for faster fragging at your fingertips. On top of that, an improved D-pad, Hyperesponse technology on the backlit action buttons, and a 15 foot light-weight braided cable with quick release USB connector make the Razer Onza TE the perfect choice for heart-pumping military action with Battlefield 3™ on the Xbox 360.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Scarab

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Messenger Bag

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Battlefield 3™ iPhone case

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