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Battlefield 3™

Equip yourself with the Razer Battlefield 3 Collector's Edition Peripherals and Gear – a cache of high-performance gaming weaponry to help you emerge victorious.


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Battlefield 3™ Collector's Edition

Battlefield 3™ Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Whether you’re bringing down the thunder in a fighter jet, blasting holes in the enemy base with a tank, or attacking on the ground as part of an infantry unit, the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Battlefield 3™ Edition takes you full speed into combat with its full-fledged, heavy-duty mechanical key infrastructure. When it delivers crisp, tactile feedback and faster keystroke actuation, this revolutionary fully backlit gaming keyboard packs a punch for your fight in the intense military shooter, Battlefield 3.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Imperator

In war, the ultimate weapon is the soldier. A highly-trained and well-equipped warrior primed to secure victory no matter the cost. With the Razer Imperator Battlefield 3™ Edition, its 6400dpi 4G Dual Sensor System ensures your every movement is translated into frags of pinpoint accuracy. And its contoured thumb grip and ergonomic right-handed form factor become an extension of your will and prowess – making you the ultimate weapon in the intense military shooter, Battlefield 3.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer BlackShark

With the Battlefield 3™ Razer BlackShark 2.0 Gaming Headset for the PC, gamers will experience the full force aural intensity of EA and DICE’s military shooter masterpiece Battlefield 3. Hear the loud clatter of a machine gun, the deep tremor from a tank’s canon blast, or the ground-shaking explosions, as if you were right there in the thick of the action, with the headset’s crisp clear and bass-enhanced stereo audio.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Onza Tournament Edition

The Razer Onza TE gaming controller for the Xbox 360 gives gamers the maximum competitive edge on the battlefield with adjustable resistance on both analog sticks for better sensitivity control and two additional fully programmable Multi-Function Buttons for faster fragging at your fingertips. On top of that, an improved D-pad, Hyperesponse technology on the backlit action buttons, and a 15 foot light-weight braided cable with quick release USB connector make the Razer Onza TE the perfect choice for heart-pumping military action with Battlefield 3™ on the Xbox 360.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Scarab

A good soldier is highly effective and never wavering in combat, and that’s what the Razer Scarab Battlefield 3™ Edition delivers with its Razer Fractal 2.0 textured surface. A surface specially composed of crystalline coating with peaks and troughs to aid mice sensors in establishing highly responsive, uniform tracking. Experience smooth, effortless swipes across the surface to take enemies down with deadly efficiency.

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Battlefield 3™ Razer Messenger Bag

Designed for gamers who require a mode of transportation for work, school and a little gaming in between; the Razer messenger bag provides added shock resistance and protection from the elements for your laptop and gaming peripherals.

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Battlefield 3™ iPhone case

In war, a soldier is nothing without effective lines of communication and that’s why he keeps his tactical smartphone with him at all times. The Battlefield 3 iPhone 4 Protection Case by Razer is made from heavy-duty silicone designed in a rugged, military look to protect yours from the shocks of war. Then, call in air-strikes and reinforcements effectively to bring home the win.

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