Gaming Controllers

Razer brings proven PC technology like Hyperesponse buttons to a line of customizable Xbox / PC controllers that give you the unfair console gaming advantage. We also developed the world’s first gaming-grade motion sensing controller for the PC, capable of one-to-one motion tracking for an entirely new way to experience your games.


At Razer, design is everything to us. We go through numerous prototyping stages to ensure that our gaming controllers not only look and feel good, but also possess features that are beneficial to our gamers. Razer’s signature design is immediately recognizable and utilizes a common design language. Beneath a Razer gaming controller’s exterior rests the result of extensive research in terms of button placement and function. This ensures that our gaming controllers are extremely ergonomic, intuitive, and easy to use.



We are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. We were the pioneers of the PC gaming peripheral industry, and we’ve always produced reliable, high end gaming peripherals. In 2010 we entered the console market using our extensive PC experience to invent features like adjustable resistance analog sticks and fully-programmable multi-function buttons. Through technology partnerships we are able to constantly push the envelope with PC controllers, going far beyond the keyboard and mouse, to produce controllers capable of true one-to-one motion tracking.


Console controllers

Razer brings proven PC technology like Hyperesponse buttons and remappable buttons to a line of customizable console controllers that gives the unfair advantage to the world of console gaming.


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