Razer Cortex Magicka: Wizard Wars Razer Weapon Giveaway

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Unlock exclusive Razerized in-game items with Razer Cortex in the free to play Action PVP spellcasting game Magicka: Wizard Wars.

The world’s thinnest blade is also its sharpest. This is as stunning and intuitive as a sword is ever gonna get.

Weapon ability:
Quickdraw - Dash forward and perform a perfect slice that makes your foes fall like cherry blossoms

Requirement: Install Razer Cortex

Zeverely mutilated impz can be rebuilt, we have the technology, however they won't be ztronger, or zmarter, but they will have cool glowy zwordz and be outfitted with zhiny lightz!

The high tech Wizards of the House of Razer found a way to produce magickal staves with a mechanical source instead of the typical crystal ones. They work just like other staves, but look much shinier!

A robe infused with the wonders of electricity. Istead of using it to better the world the Wizards focused on how to look mad sick on the dancefloor. And the ones from House Razer were the flashiest dancers of them all.

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To redeem your Magicka: Wizard Wars Razerized items, please enter your Razer ID credentials below. Razer Cortex credentials can be used to verify eligibility

  • Only one code per steam account and per Razer ID account can be redeemed. Any attempt to redeem multiple codes on the same account will not work.

Don't let low frames per second be your excuse to not win every round of Magicka: Wizard Wars, use Razer Cortex: Boost to get peak gaming performance on your PC when casting that killing blow spell.


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