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Razer Cortex

As the gaming nerve center, Razer Cortex gives you access to an impressive arsenal of tools to take control of your gaming experience. From combing the web for the best game deals, improving your PC performance in-game, to recording then sharing your in-game moments on Facebook and YouTube, and even backing up your save games in the cloud, Cortex is the free all-in-one software which gives you the best gaming experience possible.

Game Launcher

Get complete access to your gaming library and jump into action with the easy to use Game Launcher.


Squeeze more juice out of your gaming budget with the Razer Cortex: Deals price comparison engine. Get the latest updates for price drops on all the top digital game stores and never let another gaming deal pass you by unnoticed.

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Game Booster

Unlock your system’s potential with a variety of performance enhancing and optimization tools for those extra frames per second or to cut down on boring load times. Whether you want a one click solution or to keep control over everything, gaming grade performance is at your fingertips.

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Experience the best of PC gaming from the comfort of your living room, no matter which room your PC is in. Razer Cortex: Stream enables you to play your favorite PC games by streaming them to your Android TV, then automatically adjusting your resolution according to your WiFi connection, so you’ll always enjoy optimal performance on your home entertainment system.

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Escape into games and digital experiences like never before for the ultimate adrenalin rush with Virtual Reality. Check out the latest additions, what’s hot with or simply search through an ever growing library of content to get the virtual reality fix you want.

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Save Game Manager

Never lose a save game again with the fully automated cloud back up Save Game Manager. Keep your mods, setting files and game progress safely stored in your favorite cloud storage service and access them from any PC for the same gaming experience wherever you play.

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Record your most epic gaming moments with the touch of a key and easily share them on Facebook and Youtube. No framerate limits, no resolution caps and no branded watermarks means that you get to show gameplay just as you saw it.

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    Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • Version:
  • File Size:
  • Date Added:
    30 November 2015
  • Price:
  • Supported Languages:
    English, French, Spanish, Simplified and
    Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German,
    Russian, Portuguese(BR)
  • Hardware Requirements:
    300 Mhz processor or faster processor
    256 MB of RAM
    75 MB of free hard disk space
    To get Razer Cortex with Windows Vista and XP support please click below (these versions are no longer updated):
  • Download Vista
  • Download XP
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