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Razer Comms Gaming VoIP & Chat Software

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1on1 Chat

Razer Comms works as an instant messaging tool at its core. Chat with your friends on desktop, mobile or even in game.

Voice Chat

Complex audio algorithms and the ultra-fast server infrastructure give you the most precise, crisp and clear communication with no time-outs or lag spikes. Available both for 1on1 and group chats.

Groups & Channels

VoIP Client, Instant Messenger and IRC-Chat combined in one. With an powerful group and channel administration, you can create sub-channels of your main group and have your admins text or voice mute individual members or whole channels.

File Transfer

Quickly share files with friends or whole groups.

Game Launcher

Automatically scan or manually add games to your game list and launch them all conveniently from a single location.

In-Game Overlay

This minimalistic overlay is designed to let you communicate with your friends while focusing on your game. You can receive and send messages, access notifications, join voice calls and more with just a single click or keystroke. Read more.

Access the unobtrusive overlay with just a click or keystroke and easily connect with your friends while staying in game.

Glance at the message panel to instantly know what notifications you have, and who they’re from.

Enjoy the sleek overlay as you chat with your friends without interrupting or being distracted from your game.

Know exactly who’s talking when you’re in a voice call, and toggle the mute function with just a simple click.


Pin Tabs

Pinning tabs allows chat message to be displayed in a news ticker format so you can quickly glance at incoming chat, while VoiP overlay allows you to easily identify the speaker.

SMS Forwarding & Call Notification

Don’t like missing calls or texts while gaming? Pair your desktop and mobile Comms and automatically forward and reply to incoming text messages or receive call notifications while on the PC.

LoL Voice Chat & Scouter

Tired of coordinating your team via text chat in the Summoner's Rift? Razer Comms detects when a game has started and allows you to join a voice chat with other Summoners in your team on Razer Comms.

Razer Comms scouts your opponents in LoL for you, giving you in-depth details about their League while you're in the loading screen. Win/Loss-Ratio, K/D/A and even the runes and masteries they are running in your current game at one single glance to prepare you to win yet another match.

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Comms v 2.1.12 Release Patch Notes:
General Updates
  • Added support for naming for manually added games.
  • Added support for 32/64 bit exe filtering for Battlefield 4.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue in which user was alt-tabbed out of an active game when an upgrade notice was prompted.
  • Fixed the issue in which the user wasn’t notified visually of an incoming voice call notification or hear the incoming voice call audio alert on unchecking the request message option in preferences.
  • Fixed the issue in which the scroll bar doesn’t start at the last message in a chat window.
  • Removed the option to choose Razer Surround as the speaker in audio selection preferences.
  • Fixed the issue where updater doesn’t show localized release notes.
  • Fixed the issue in which the entries in the activity list re-appears after user has chosen to clear all messages.
  • Long text now wraps in the in-game chat window.
  • Fixed the issue where the user was unable to set or use the hotkeys in preferences.
  • Fixed the issue where the user couldn’t type into the edit textbox of the tab chat window.
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