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A Competitive Gaming Learning Platform Driven by Your Favourite Pro-gaming Stars...

The Razer Academy is a new competitive gaming and community platform designed to engage you, the aspiring pro-gamer, with dynamic educational gaming content, with the sole aim of making you an e-Sports baller too.

Driven by some of the most well-known and experienced names in e-Sports, the members of the Razer Academy serve to show you their world and develop your learning, participation and passion for e-Sports. In addition to these e-Sports masters, the Academy will be drawing on a mighty talent pool of elite gamers who already represent Razer in teams and tournaments across the globe.

Many of the personalities who claim their prestigious spot in this sacred fellowship of epic and win have become gurus in their particular games - and indeed others, too. We hope that through their love and dedication to e-Sports, you too can become truly great.

Are you a well-known individual within your own gaming community already? Do you get a kick out of producing guides for your fellow gamers, or have a popular online presence? If so, maybe you too can join the ranks of the Razer Academy - apply here.

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