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Swifty on Mists of Pandaria: Monks

Swifty on Mists of Pandaria: Monks


Time to check out the classes on Mists of Pandaria! This week i  give you guys a sneak preview of Monks in Mists of Pandaria, so enjoy!

  • Tdgeddes

    I’m def rolling a monk!!

  • JG


  • Ricardomendeslol

    Its very cool!


    wanna have a monk :D and wanna play with MY LORD!

  • Jonrose21

    so awesome

  • Ajd542

    so awesome and cool :D

  • Ajd542


  • delinks

    monks look like a really cool class and look really good class stuns and interups people so they other people can dps them down and die

  • Andrey

    I do all translations in Russian. Hope you like it!

  • Marginean Sergiu

    Monks look really cool and very different from the rest of the classes… Probl not used in pvp right now as they are rather new … when they’ll be as played as the rest of the classes i’m sure they’ll “prove their power” in pvp …

  • Carlos Zuniga

    this is an amizing explanation…Thanks swifty u r awesome

  • James Palmer

    Monks look cool and so does the Naga, yet i am waiting to see the naga in left handed application as I only have use of my left hand

  • Oscar Andres Dussan Garcia

    today i finally had the oportunity to play the MOP beta, and i’m really amazed of the changes we will see… mage hourglass? nuff said.

  • Ryanpen88

    U Rock

  • ewout

    SWIFTY !!!!

  • Nick Paridon

    Pocket full of chi, ride clean

  • Chris P

    cant wait to play as kung-fu panda!.

  • Yavor Stoyanov

    u rock swifty!

  • Zigzur

    looks like monks have some sweet moves =)

  • Will Aspin

    cool vid. Swifty will you be playing guild wars 2 when it comes out?

  • icbiny

    if blizz toughens these guys up frost mages might be beatable!

  • Shawn Calverley

    you are the best

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