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LearnDOTA – Week 10

LearnDOTA – Week 10

This week Toby “TobiWanKenobi” Dawson focuses on one his most favorite and dynamic heroes ‘Natures Prophet’. This covers item and skill builds, positions to play, and more.



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  • Dan Jennings

    At 5:10 or so he keeps saying Sprout. He should be saying Teleportation incase someone gets confused.

  • Piotr Honly

    Hello Tobi :)

    Great vids, just one think i always wonder about and would be very glad about is some information how to control more units then the hero itself. Are there any techniques or tips in how to get better in dota micro (usefull as bm, meepo, necronicom, chen, etc.)

    An awesome vid would be….awesome ;)



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