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LearnDOTA – Week 9

LearnDOTA – Week 9

This week Toby “TobiWanKenobi” Dawson answers the questions of the viewers and goes through ways to push, timing to push, and what is effective at what times of the game.



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  • Kmatt

    Teach us how to micro units (chen, meepo, necrobook, bane, etc) and how to practice it and some tips and tricks maybe? :)

  • Raziel

    can you talk about creep last hitting and farming ???

  • Rickrossauce

    Could you discuss a push strategy? I’ve learned a lot of strategies with my time on DOTA 2 but i’ve never been quite able to grasp a strategy based around pushing, I would really appreciate if you could give some basic tips and tactics for a good push strategy

  • infinite jest

    Hi, loving the academy videos. You often mention power tread switching. I was wandering if you could quickly explain this and when you should do it and how effective it is. Cheers



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