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The Razer House – First Four Players Announced

The Razer House – First Four Players Announced


It might seem like things have been quiet around the Razer Academy house recently, but tons has been going on behind the scenes.

We’ve taken on four players from all around the world. The guys have been working hard, playing in online and offline events, and improving at a drastic rate. Today we’re pleased to announce who the four players are, and tease the content you can expect out of the Razer Academy in coming weeks.

Jemag is a guy I knew from my days as a player on VT Gaming. While we were never on the same time, we often practiced together. There was a time when I could beat Jemag in macro games, but even then he quickly reached a level where I could no longer take games off of him. I’ve always seen tremendous potential in “Frenchy”, and am elated to give him the opportunity to reach the highest possible level by bringing him into the Razer Academy.

I would not have brought Deffex into the house were it not for his excellent application video. I had already decided on the three guys I would sponsor, and had all but stopped looking at applications when I stumbled onto his. I was so impressed with his video that I decided to take him on as a 4th player. Deffex is one of the most dedicated, hard working players I’ve met, and I’m certain that in the Razer Academy he will reach new heights as a Starcraft pro.

Beasty was an easy pick for me. Outside of Europe he’s still relatively unknown, and I knew that he had become a little bit discouraged with his practice environment in Serbia. It’s very hard to make a name for yourself grinding out games on the European ladder, and Beasty’s name has never been as well known as his skill level deserves. When he expressed interest in joining the Academy I immediately complied. I’m certain that his presence in the house, and in North America is good for the entire foreign Starcraft scene.

Gix is a former teammate of mine, and a former member of Team Reign. I’ve always thought of him as a terribly underrated Zerg player. Last year he beat Huk in the WCG qualifiers, and has always done well in MLGs, despite eventually dying to Koreans at almost every event. In spite of this, very few people actually know who Gix is, and I’m eager to try and rectify that during his time with the Academy.

Content Tease:

Aside from training in the house, players in the Razer Academy will be performing weekly replay analysis of their games, and of other pros, for the entire community. While there are plenty of strong analytical players and casters around the Starcraft scene, having four professional players breaking down gameplay for an online audience will be an invaluable resource for Starcraft fans everywhere. Expect regular live streamed, and YouTube content from each of the members of the Razer Academy.

  • Benzo

    The academy is loaded with potential and personality, I am excited to see how these aspiring individuals do in such an ideal environment for professional gaming.

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