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Runaan’s Hurricane – A New Approach to Some Old Grit

Runaan’s Hurricane – A New Approach to Some Old Grit

Dhanish ‘DiffTheEnder’ Semar takes a look at a rarely utilized item Runaan’s Hurricane.

  • Twisted Fate

    He’s just trying to justify getting extra shots so he looks like he has a real shotgun

  • cri8tive08

    I AM IN IT

  • mikesavino85

    The problem with Runaan’s is that the job of a marksman is to melt someone, not bring 3 champs to 35% health before dying. Your comparison with IE/Phantom dancer and Muramana/Hurricane isn’t fair as you’re giving Graves 3 targets to hit. If there are only 2 targets, then IE/Dancer is better. Not to mention, you’re putting oodles of damage on one target which could kill them and now you only have to face 2 targets.

    I think Runaan’s is better on a character like Twitch, someone with on hit stuff. Twitch’s expunge now hits the whole team and with his ult up, he’s severely punishing everyone.

    • Mike Drakoulelis

      Not to mention the speed boost Phantom Dancer gives. This turns out to be more useful because of scenarios where you have to chase/escape without auto-attacking (let’s not forget Graves has a small range for an AD carry). If for whatever reason you fail to keep attacking because of range, you come at a dead end. This fact is also quite exploitable by enemy teams (if they realise that you are not that mobile).

      • Vashe

        well, he justifies the chase with constant dash, but i didn’t try it to see if it works

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