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Advanced Warding – CLG Chauster – League of Legends Tips and Tricks Episode 1

Advanced Warding – CLG Chauster – League of Legends Tips and Tricks Episode 1

Chauster shows us advanced wards in League of Legends


In the first video of a new series, Steve “Chauster” Chau shows us how to place advanced wards and how to get the most vision for your investment.




  • Stephen Gutierrez

    Do you think everyone should ward or only the support? I mean past laning phase..Like should ADC ward? Or is there exceptions like say adc is behind in gold?

    • Dylan Murphy

      i believe everyone should be warding post lane phase I play adc and love having my own wards especially in duels so if they run into a bush i can still DPS them

  • Connor Bottum

    missing the scarra ward from pit to tribrush D:

    • guigs

      to place that ward u only need put your ward in the sign

  • Kim Rune

    Nice informative video. I know how and where in bushes to put wards, but 2 of these wards I had no clue as to how much vision they could actually yield. And the first one I only knew of cause I saw “Chasuter and Doublelift travel to Bronze (highlights)” and Doublelift missed his ward into the brush :p

  • Stefan Kempe

    would love if you had a enemy that raly shows the visibility of the wards and you should make a vid about support warding when to leave and help mid with warding ect.

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