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WIN BIG: Signed KT Rolster Razer League of Legends Gear

WIN BIG: Signed KT Rolster Razer League of Legends Gear

How to win Signed KT Rolster League of Legends Razer Gear

Ever wanted a piece of eSports memorabilia? Well here is your chance to win!


We were holding onto some signed memorabilia to give away at a later date but with the recent additional of Maknoon (Check out his player profile here we decided it would be a good time to reward KT Rolster fans.

To stand a chance to win a signed League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Naga Hex and a signed League of Legends Collector’s Edition Razer Goliathus, all you need to do is leave a comment in the comment section below.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page over at


  • shopyp54

    I want to win! :D

  • Zaymes Ho

    I cant wait to get my hand to try the razer hex

  • FroutheR

    That´s the only thing I really wanted, i must try my luck in this wonderfull piece

  • Burgus

    I just wanna win :)

  • propower

    I would love to win this!!! :-)

  • Titan343

    I have entered so many of these it would be awesome to actually win one!

  • Tehcracka

    Worth a shot :) that mouse and pad are awesome!

  • IM_MVP

    Comment in the comment section!

  • Enrique Ruiz

    i wanna win!

  • Matthew Parker

    Nice looking mouse!

  • Peter Våland Suhr

    This looks awesome, glhf

  • Milisav Radivojević

    I want one :)

  • Vladimir Slavkov


  • Duff

    Would be nice to win, but can’t expect to. That’s how it works!

  • Devin Morris

    Winning this would be AWESOME!!!

  • Maciej Swat

    Gibbe me your prizez

  • MiDNiGhT2903

    Finally able to replace my mouse!!
    Facebook link:

  • Giwrgos Tsoup

    Gl to everyone

  • kevin shin

    i want it

  • Newbie

    GZ and continue to improve :)

  • こなた馬鹿

    Do want *-*

  • Lucas Chimura

    I Would love to win this!!! GOGOGO KR E-Sports Scene! *—*

  • Viet Le

    Razer ftw

  • Randy Phan

    I’ll take it.

  • PYAH

    Must have!

  • grimmyjoe

    <3 Razer Naga Hex

  • Nikolay Angelov

    Good luck guys :)

  • Yiefeng Wu

    This tool shall bring victory to the field of justice !

  • Bryon

    Nothing would make me more happy than winning this contest!

  • Daan Gijbels

    This would me more than welcome!

  • Michael Dominguez

    Winning this would inspire me to become a better player

  • Remy Passé

    Oh that’s really awesome!! Hopefully I win.

  • Rasmus Futtrup

    Maknoon for president

  • Casey Crespin

    This would be awesome to win because I can say I am playing LoL with a LoL mouse! GLHF everyone!!

  • Alex

    Gimme dat butt.

  • UltimatePikachu

    Lets do it

  • EX.Skriima

    hoping to win :D
    good luck!

  • Carson James Hopper

    Yes please!

  • Joseph

    yolo good luck all

  • Bruce

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this mouse <3

  • Giwrgos Tsoup

    gl to everyone

  • Jonneh Hart

    Pls tho.

  • Relf Dablo

    I LOVE TO have a razer products ever since! but i dont have enough money :((((

  • Krisztián Szilágyi

    Enemys has spawned! >:C

  • Raven Porns


  • Daniel Jordanov

    Awesome stuff by Razer. Nothing below perfect.

  • Solicide

    Wow… All of KT Rolster on one piece of gear. Too much skill xD

  • Jason H

    KT Rolster <3

  • TelePride


  • Jonathan Gonzalez


  • Marcos Navarro


  • Daniel Tanigawa

    maknoon op!

  • zaquer

    I just wanna say GL to other people , cuz i know i wont get it though . :)

  • Mark Kahovec


  • Rafael J Perez

    Maknoon is awesome! Make my dream come true Razer!

  • cloud91

    MakNoon FTW!

  • Lucas Love

    want plz

  • FroZ3N Water


  • Joshua Andrews


  • Andrea Lafertte


  • Luke Worsley


  • Miroslav Pečenka

    My life is just beginning.

  • AhzianRai

    Maknoon gwiyomiiiii!

  • Rares Ionescu

    Wow this is awesome. Good luck!

  • icaro rodolpho

    I need this one!!!!! and need a BR Razer Store

  • Giannino Stanisci

    I would love to pull the lee sin insec plays whilst on that awesome razer mouse and mat…. it would make my year.

  • MvrickZ

    nice one!!!

  • Leoki

    Beep boop.

  • Jian Hoong

    a razer mouse? plus i am a big fans of LOL!!!!!!
    gimmeeeeee plssss

  • Dezirex

    Maknoon !!!

  • Logan Patterson

    I like turtles

  • Ilan Berlinbluv


  • Andy Sam

    OMG, all that glory in a single package ;~;
    Love both KT’s A and B League Team and their Starcraft division (Flash <3)
    Good luck everyone trying to win ;D

  • Brawson Lee


  • Alonso

    i will die one happy child if i get one of these >.<

  • MohdZakhri

    Come and give me!

  • tommy


  • Fabian

    My brother needs new gaming gear to be successful with his team!

  • Sebastian Brock

    I NEED THIS!!!

  • Avik Bhattacharyya

    <3 RAzer :D

  • MulletisSweet

    Me LOVE Leage of Legends

  • seirru

    Tibbers told annie who told lee sin who smelled teemo who scouted volibear who roared at singed.who flipped me for wanting this.

  • Jakub Light Mazur

    Who wants one of these?ME!

  • Jason Feliciano


  • Anton Antonov

    Thank you Razer for supporting e-sports and KT Rolster!

  • Tomas Putrimas

    Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  • George Pan


  • Lölo

    omg i wanted so hard!!!!!!!!!

  • niglet

    yo throw that my way

  • tobias froehning

    Yoloswag i need this mouse;)

  • prov119

    Flash to come to LoL and control 5 champs at once. KT Fighting!~

  • Patrick Hernandez

    Great addition to team Razer!

    I could definately get my game on with that plus it’s an awesome piece of a memorabilia!

  • Adan Lilb Castillo

    KT is awesome!

  • Narendran Ravi

    Commented …Hope I win this one…..!!!

  • Franz Iulian

    thanks Razer for supporting e-sports and keep offer us perfect products.

  • Daniel Irick

    Congrats on the partnership!!

  • Val Otares

    KT Rolster fighting!

  • Evan Kittleson

    It’s good to see KT being added, they’re definitely one of the best teams out there :D

  • Justin Tarapacki

    just got into LoL a month ago but having the best time ever in it its soo fun!! Also love you razer i have lots of stuff but would love a LoL nega to help me to win more!

  • Joshua Tully

    would love a new mouse and a signed LoL one is even better

  • Khenn Agbuya Manaois

    signed razer items, i know you want it too. one does not simply join every giveaway of RAZER. gimme gimme :))

  • srsns

    Aww hells yeah. It’d be awesome to get replace the rest of my non-Razer gear on my PC setup! Logitech? Steelseries? Bah!

  • Arvius

    Go Maknoon!

  • Jeffrey Roy Pascual

    The kind of gear that says “You will never get owned.”

  • Alex Yu

    This is great for both parties!

  • Michael Haywood

    KT Rolster fighting!

  • Johannes Dagaas


  • Kevin Kam

    Honestly, i would be extremely grateful if I was the victor of this mouse. My deathadder recently started to malfunction and I am a huge fan of League of Legends AND Razer Products. I love all the teams that Razer sponsors in the League of Legends E Sports scene like CLG, TPA and KT Rolster.

  • Jm Jaudian Jr

    GL KT Rolster!

  • JBudi4

    Thanks for the great support you provide Pro and Casual Gamers alike. If i Win this it’ll be my first product of razer :D.
    feeling optomisitc

  • Scottie Ringer

    Gotta get me that mouse

  • Δημήτρης Τζιβάκης

    Good luck!

  • RationalEyez

    Congrats, KT Rolster Fighting

  • Billy Chin

    Love that sleek design Naga series and all hail KT Rolster!

  • Pelop

    I love lol and also razer. For my opinion razer is the best gamer company and as their logo says ” Life is a game”, so if life is a game you have to expect loses and winning but in lol you always win when holding a razer mouse or something tha has been made by razer. ” Design by gamer for gamers” LOVE RAZER AND LOVE LOL. I wish i could win this thing

  • Jimmy Fletcher

    KT Rolster!!!

  • Saket Bhargava

    good luck!

  • Matt

    Maknoon FTW!!!

  • Kratzy

    I hope I win :)

  • LethalFever

    i win

  • Florin


  • Ricardo Ferreira


  • Jeff the Killer

    i really want this stuff!!!! being pro like maknoon-teemo in All Stars LOL World Championship am gonna be challenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Tabo-oy

    Gotta win!

  • Duckehh

    Awesome! :)

  • He’ctor Ruiz

    Maknoon OP!

  • Rexy

    Unf. I would love that.

  • Jiaer Jg


  • Giuseppe Cervone

    I love KT Rolster and razer.. thanks <3

  • berukas

    all guys good luck =D

  • Stephen Gutierrez


  • unicornsack


  • Francisco Muñoz

    awsome mouse , hope i get one

  • TheDurrrgon

    Gl everyone

  • DarkJose

    Thanks Razer! :D

  • Niklas Schjoldager

    My old Naga Molten Edition is so close to it’s grave, it would be awesome to win a new and updated one :>

  • Carlos Enrique Abanto Leon

    Hope i win this one!

  • steffen

    Could be nice to win!!
    - But if not. well iguess it wasnt my day after all :)

  • Joshua Kochmanski

    Awesome good luck in your up coming matches

  • Jeorge Lacuata

    that would be nice :)

  • Mick

    Maknoob pls.

  • serendipity

    gl, go kt

  • RevolvingFate

    Good Job out there!! ^_^

  • MineNinja

    Having this would be amazing, I need a new mouse also XD

  • Filip Grenda

    Something [2]. GL

  • Brandon

    I hope i win!

  • John Paul De Guzman

    More power Rolster! show them what you got thr fields of justice!

  • berukas

    gl evryone

  • Steve Zakar Zadoorian

    I need to win this

  • Albert

    GG WP

  • Daniel Hee-gun Ratajkoski

    KT Rolster, Now winning in all games!

  • Seokjin kim


  • basshead813

    would be sweet to have this mouse been wanting a naga for awhile

  • Rafal

    I need this to carry games :D

  • fitjfiritj

    maknoon… WANT this gear hard : )

  • Diego Arturo

    Please and thank you

  • Daniel Jelavic

    comment :)

  • AMightyBiscuit

    Gl hf :D

  • Ao Yang


  • Daren Antonio

    gg close! =) want one!

  • Ayame D. Kiyoshi

    Awesome, thank you for the opportunity

  • Zheng Guowen

    maknoon <3

  • Fabrice


  • Alex Majik

    Words and such..

  • Grondo

    :o i want this please!

  • WMGTea

    me pls

  • markusarthur

    yaya razer for the winn!

  • Linus Koh


  • bzkt

    LOL is cool! So is Razer!

  • Rihards Špons

    im in

  • raik713

    me!!! give me!!!!

  • Ilians Pieter


  • Alex

    RAZER <3

  • Hyuck Lee


  • Alexander

    Maknoon pls

  • Saska

    I really really want it FLASH FIGHTING

  • grigley

    Razer loves to take care of their community. You just gotta love em!

  • iAmYoYoshi

    :) Hopefully I can win :)

  • Tidus


  • Josh Bäcker

    oy oy oy! :3

  • Randolph Turkington

    Hope i win

  • Stavros Dermentzoglou

    Awesome :DD It’s so cool Razer :)

  • 8tumult6


  • Vin Jomalesa

    This would definitely look great sitting next to my gaming rig!

  • xiexieyi69

    OMG :D Razer #1 company

  • Alessandro Ditta

    I’m in!!

  • berukas

    love razer

  • Jon Ngo

    Gl to all

  • Asian Last Name

    Who doesn’t love Maknoon! Good Luck to him!

  • Han

    hmmm…oh well…

  • Pradhipta Trimanggala Satya

    i want it!! i want it!! i want it!! i want it!! i want it!!

  • Sarah Lee

    Razer + KT Rolster?
    I’m in!

  • Jakub Brenišin

    Awesome giveaway *o* Thanks ! : 3

  • Rob Golfeo

    please can i have it ? i want it badly :(

  • Gustavo Balester

    I must have it!

  • lhjlu

    That’s really awesome! Good luck everyone! This mouse is just to OP, you will own all summoners

  • Silver Rain

    Cool another give-away!

  • Drayks

    I’m only doing this because my girlfriend loves maknoon more than me.

  • Kato Berti

    Win win!

  • E52p

    Wow, its rly awesome … can i get it please ? :)

  • Drexion

    I need a new mouse so bad! Please, I need this!

  • Zack Brown

    Razer has changed the way I game and brought me to the next level!

  • Robert

    Maknoon is the best!

  • Damian Duda

    Zajebista nagroda. Bedzie moja:D
    Awesome giveaway. I want it :D

  • Sandy

    Team Razer and KL Rolster and too everyone in the league of legends team your the best in the world. :)

  • The dude

    OMG that would be so amazing

  • Hani Zureikat

    Another one

  • Tate

    I think I saw my name on that Razer Naga Hex :P

  • Oscar Julian Valencia Montalvo

    i want it =O it’s destiny! XD!

  • Daniel Lee

    OOOoo a signed goody item…count me in

  • Alican Gültekin

    Razer or Tazer :P

  • Julien Gutierrez

    i want it :P

  • Michael


  • János Nagy


  • Thomas Oo

    i must have

  • Prabhath

    i want it

  • Zach Soohoo


  • Jonel Nacario


  • Anthony Prouteau

    I have hope ! Thx razer !

  • Denis Xaviourx Amihaesei

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Shanandh Colonel

    I would be thankful for winning it!!I luv RAZER <3

  • Felipe Eduardo

    I need pls

  • Renz Mendoza Pagcu

    omg i want it <3 <3 pls WIN :D

  • Abesh Bhattacharjee

    I want it !!!

  • Lucais Smith

    ImmJustice and ImmWanting it

  • Ryan Lee

    Grats to Maknoon!!!

  • Aaron

    need an upgrade to my set up please!

  • magrem

    woow..I want that.xDD

  • Gary Peel


  • Cykoman

    Awesome!!! Maknoon is one of my fav top-laners!!!!

  • berukas

    i love it

  • Arthuro Ferrero

    Can I has it? :3 <3

  • mrhunter261

    I would love to have this in my collection :)

  • Hayden Trow

    I would love to win it

  • Jeffrey Liebman

    This would be awesome to have, not going to lie

  • Alex Fledderjohn

    ho snap this would be soooo cool to win

  • Chris Sio


  • Scott Grundy

    gl to all :)

  • Sajid Hussain

    Yay, a chance to win a giveaway! :D

  • Bela

    I’d love it!! :)

  • Sam Harrison

    that’s awesome.

  • Henrik Berg

    Maknoon is rocksolid!!! Would be an honor to play with a mouse signed by him :)

  • Bun Lay

    GLHF guys!!

  • Wojtek Chmielewski

    ahh, i would love to win ranked games with that mouse :)

  • Ashley Sonya Xiong

    ME want!

  • Bames Jond


  • Shubham Varshney

    gud luck to all

  • Captain Bass Lightyeah!

    <3 Team Razer!

  • Razvan Dragoș Streza

    Good luck! I want that mouse. :X

  • Backtrace

    GL HF! :D

  • Jack Ramesses Cunningham

    This is not a comment.

  • s7eth

    Please let me have it :0

  • Jonathan Saelee

    a chance to win a mouse signed by KT ROLSTER! sweeeet.

  • ThatM3xican

    This is really cool

  • justin

    hahahah i probs wouldnt even open the box if i got this.

  • Uhreum

    Welp hopefully i can win it

  • Austin Tay

    Good luck everyone O.O

  • BrianCheck

    Hope to win it! Good luck everyone!

  • Thao


  • Jonathan Chen

    Big Maknoon fan. Razer user. Me !!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Nakama-Fukuhara

    Good luck to anyone who enters and congratulations to the person/people who win!

  • johny kps

    wanna win goliathus so hard!! :D

  • Vitan Victor

    good luck everyone and i want that thing :-”

  • guillermopatricioportillobasto

    Good luck to everyone! Greetings from México. :D

  • Bacik

    In for the win :)

  • Taoz

    Hope I win >.<

  • Jan Rydlo

    Good luck & Have fun

  • Randy Datiles

    OMG! (y)

  • Marcelino Pranoto

    GG guys! all the best

  • IRInsane

    me likey. i wonder what the chances of winning are.

  • Chris Simonds

    Aww yiss

  • Franz Alexander Ong

    razer naga epic or razer naga hex, both are outstanding mice!!

  • Silvi Stan


  • Aung Kyaw Thein

    Hope i win :D

  • Patrick

    DAMMMN razer you should be know for swag royalty

  • Fire.Ace

    awesome :)

  • Kuba Janik

    Nice mouse;)

  • Gustaf Paludan

    That mouse will definitely make my game!!

  • Hariyanto

    This mouse definitely gonna be mine <3 Razor

  • Paradyme

    my god that looks amazing to own

  • Wade S


  • Eugene Yaschenko

    Nice! Awesome mouse!

  • costin

    Some nice ppl join razer everyday. keep them coming…

  • emishi_kun

    Oh gawd Razer please.. :o

  • Tobias K.

    I love Razer <3

  • muhbear

    I need a new mouse!! :D I use a little microsoft piece of s**t travel mouse thingy..

    • Michael Torres

      I hate those little mice that are like half the size of your hand. They’re hard to use! Good luck! :)

  • Earthterror

    Epic Mouse !

  • Filip Adrian


  • Krzysztof Mazur

    I wanna win this realy much i never win something.I cant afford new one. Plase Razer choose me . LOVE YOU

  • Jeremy Javier

    Cool stuff as always Razer! Good luck all.

  • Chuyan Dood Lim


  • Jeremy Javier

    Good stuff as always guys! Good luck everyone

  • Anders Nielsen

    holy crap that’s sweet :D

  • Fabrizio Ditto

    Razer plz!!!!
    Good luck to veryone ;)

    • Fabrizio Ditto


  • Totalblue

    Great giveaway, please pick me. Thanks

  • Ispikikay

    i never had a any razer gadget… hope this is the first one… thanks razer

  • Maciej Grycan Gryt

    Signed box is always nice piec on my de3sk. ;] I really want thatsinged box. With mouse inside ofc. ;]

  • ducard

    RAZER pls choose me :D

  • tobaccoiswacko

    win get

  • damon madbom

    AMAGADDDDDDDDDD i want it :D!!!!

  • Kodo


  • Bruno Carlos Bento

    Wow thats a jackpot to who wins this

  • Stefan Stan

    I want one so much

  • Minas


  • Manuel Corral

    Too Legit!

  • Eise

    That would look nice over my brand new golliathus league of legends collector’s edition.

  • Casper Sand

    I’ll take it!

  • Awesom11


  • Łukasz Derela

    Would be sweet to win something signed to one of my favourite games. Never before won anything. Well i did…but i never get it.

  • Toby Li

    Holy moley! There’s a LoL razer naga hex? Me wantz it so bad

  • Filip Maria


  • Chiperi Dani

    i <3 Maknoon

  • Mark Ayson

    Wish I would win these, A solid fan of Razer here

  • Fabijan Cindrić

    Wow so many giveaways, you guys are the best!!

  • Fantomel Enr

    Good Luck everyone :)

  • Gieraffe

    Nice stuff :)

  • DatChaseGuy

    i wantz it so badzz xd

  • Vincent Vega

    alrighty Razor I will give it another shot for this sexy mouse

  • Steven Pociengel

    I wish there was some KT SC2 signed gear, but I mean come on…KT Rolster is a sick team all around!

  • berukas


  • Bence Balogh

    Good luck everyone!

  • Earl Villanueva

    This Naga ought to do the trick

  • Mike Tofte Jensen

    Holy cow! Could be awesome to win!

  • Camille Fauré

    I wanna win this please! thanks from france

  • Frazer Burningham

    Congratulations to Maknoon and whoever wins

  • Juan Santos

    Eu queru :(

  • Colin Kuo


  • Leo Björklund

    Wow, this would be such an awesome gift for my brother who follows KT Rolsters every game :)

  • leleGOD98

    Yeah! Win win

  • Hristijan Petrovski


  • Emanuele Bartoli

    Yeah win win

  • Jordie

    Goodluck in The League KT Rolster

  • Maykol Fernandes

    Now thats a cool give away!!

  • retz

    This is a comment

  • Naghrina

    fuck yeah ! :o

  • Nioxin

    Tibbers told annie who told lee sin who smelled teemo who scouted volibear who roared at singed.who flipped me for wanting this.

    … yes i copied his comment

  • Vinay Karanam

    all the best for every one

  • Denis Barinov


  • Catalin G Constantin

    Gimme dat !

  • Rikarrrd

    grr ;*

  • Chure

    lovin’ it !

  • Reincarnated

    MAKNOON I LOVE YOUU :) Razer will make your dreams come true :)

  • Jonathan Opaskit

    Best prize ever.

  • berukas


  • Sam Nicko

    Signed KT Rolster Razer League of Legends Gear

  • MasterPhu

    In to win!

  • Ludwick

    You’d better give it to me, or i’ll send you a strongly worded letter!

  • Max Brück

    yea win win win

  • Velin Vasilev


  • Enrique Villarreal

    I’d love to get the mouse! KT Bullets rocks!

  • Martin Wolder

    Hi Razer, please pick me brothers. I need my shitty gear updated finally.

  • Karuno Wong


  • Sam Morgan

    Well done to KT Rolster!

  • Mysaka

    great giveaway

  • Holyjkk

    Jesus, that mouse is so awesome *-*

  • Gal Darzi

    great giveaway

  • Chad Chelo

    Ooooo shiny :O

  • Champloncar

    M-M-M-M-AAAAAAA-KNOON!! Razer and Maknoon have finally made a lovechild…. I must have it for myself!!! :D

  • Jonas Vandevoorde

    would be awesome to win

  • Bloedstorm666


  • André Sousa

    Well, good luck Maknoon !

  • Champloncar

    Hand over the epic gear to this fanboy or face the consequenses!! The consequences are just me being a bit sad for like 5 minutes before i move on… but still… :D

  • Милен Генов

    This is AMAZIN’ giveaway !

  • Raithius

    erhmehgerd!! GEEF MEEE NAOW!!!

  • Felix

    Time to win some awesome stuff. :D

  • Oliver Persson


  • LaurentS


  • Thomas Kress

    Dear Razer & KT Rolster,
    I’d like to win because im a big fan of KT Rolster. I’d enjoy to get this items, because it would be pretty cool to get things that are signed from my heros… I’d love it… a dream gonna be real. <3

    I already thank Razer and KT Rolster for this chance to win this!

    Thomas Kress

    btw: Go on KT Rolster with ur good work!

  • Stefan Ng

    Lol i want this

  • Ricardo Casanova

    I wish i could have that holy mouse <3

  • Mike SeSe

    Nice One

  • Francisco Moloch

    Okay. But dogs CAN look up!

  • Jorge Luz


  • Jeremy Shell


  • Kamil Soszka

    Gimme !

  • VonErick

    Cool giveaway! Thanks Razer!

  • Cezary Kowalczuk

    Yyyyy milk?

  • Felipe

    Nice ..

  • zetlane


  • Vladyslav Bobrovnyk

    Naga hex? Why not!

  • ghroll

    Gimme that ! AM from Poland



  • Laurent Magon

    Hell yeah :O Let’s see who will win !

  • Mohamed

    pick meeeee pls

  • Filip Vasile

    I like it

  • Isaac Soh


  • IOv

    razer always makes something interesting in

  • Hades

    Sweet gear ! With all the skill gathered in this, I may be able to carry my team to the beautiful landscape outside of gold !

  • Paul

    boom baby

  • dang3r

    great prize for me

  • Joseph E. Corey

    In honor of the new spirit udyr skin it would be epic to win this mouse. Also because with this mouse I would set it up to insta-cast singeds laugh every second while running around the map.

  • Pol Sabadell

    Do want nao!

  • Ethan Leapley

    I think Razer is the best company and knows marketing very well. They give back to us in a way that no other company has.

  • memyselfi

    Singed by all of KT A and KT B?Daaamn. :D

  • Guugle

    Gimme gimme

  • David Emmett

    Good luck ^_^

  • James Tong

    sign me up :P

  • Alfred Petker

    I’d like to get this bundle :)

  • Jason Gan

    This rock~~~

  • Peng Mun Wong

    Nice mouse for MOBA/MMORPG =D

  • Nico

    Here…have my comment.

  • Alfredo Ruiz

    thats mine :D

  • calvin ho

    thanks razer!

  • Daniel Hunt

    *attempts to use jedi mind trick* You want to give this mouse to me.

  • Giovanni Paolo Staccini

    a comment

  • Yanik

    Yo, just leaving a random comment like all others too.
    Really enjoy those giveaways … keep it up <3

  • Joshua Ziffra

    Maknoon is one amazing player. This would be awesome to own.

  • Jeremy Blankenship

    Another great giveaway. Thanks!

  • Roy Teo

    :3 me wannn

  • Drake2000

    Cool! Hope I win.

  • Lampaka

    i knew it ,…… it was singed all this time!

  • zetsung

    Give to me, Yeah. By: Madonna

  • Daniel Chao

    yay givaways!

  • WolfZ

    would be awesome to play my favourite game with my favourite brand and all that in my favourite games’ style!

  • Richard Mai

    KT Rolster opopopopop

  • Julian Gonzalez

    i want it :O

  • Jamie Hanlon

    I love this mouse, and I love Starcraft and League of Legends

  • Andrew Horaist

    Sounds good!

  • DocWat

    Razer is the only way to go! They always have the best giveaways!

  • Vincent Briand

    My Brolaf will need to sharpen his axes! FOR BROMACIA I’ll get my hand on this and record myself throwing my old mouse like brolaf on my friend while shouting BROMACIA!

  • Rafael Valadas

    I really need that gear xd

  • Leon Wong

    MAKNOON <3

  • Lukus Bryan

    nage hex with league on it. can it get any better

  • Albert Juntilla Avenido

    lezzdo this

  • Frank van Lijsdonk

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Саня Иванов

    Razer, by gamers for ME :D

  • Luis Enrique Bernal Ocegueda


  • Tandord

    I heard this this for me!!

  • Insanity

    Wow. I cant even Imagine how awesome it would be if i could play League of legends with a Razer Naga

  • João Borges

    It’s well worth a try, specially when it has some cool signatures!

  • Filip Pažin


  • Raeka

    Maknoon! <3

  • Arezslan

    Inb4 the winner ebays the box -_-

  • Enrico Mejia

    so….. special

  • Diegression

    A LoL and Dota2 player walk into a bar…

    Dota 2 Player: I’ll have a rum and coke.

    LoL Player: I’ll take 3 pots and a Boots of Speed please.

  • Kevin


  • Charlie Dodd

    I NEED a new mouse, I currently have an awful wireless one that keeps cutting out because it’s too far from the receiver D: That gear would be a new world to me :)

  • Terry Sarber


  • helllion

    gimmie that :o

  • Ross Armstrong

    wot’s a razer?

  • John Park

    Congrats Maknoon!

  • Space

    This looks awesome, Im in!

  • Matheus Minski dos Santos


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    *¬* DAT MOUSE *¬*

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    yo gimme gimme

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    Maknooooooooon !!!

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    Pretty cool giveaway as allways ! Neeeeeeeeed :)

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    I need a new mouse

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    Love league of legends and Pantheon! Would definitely help to have a good mouse to game with .

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    great mouse

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    Awesome giveaway

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    Hello KT and Razer, I’m a big fan of Maknoon and Razer. Me and my brother had bought a lot of razer equipments. Thank you very much for this opportunity

  • william watson

    Gimme gimme!

  • griffin

    I so want this very much

  • John Aspen Knight Catingub

    Does this come with Baron Buff? :D

  • Nemsix

    The next leaders of League of Legends !

  • Edan Firaga

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimee gimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Ryan Deason

    Heck yeah! All the sigs plz.

  • Clvnoo1


  • Rj Ricasata

    Big fan of KT B (Bullets). Huge fan of inSec #leesinSec #grungle, now that he is moving to top lane, things are going to get crazier and also MakNooN playing for KT A (Arrows). Excited for OGN (Hot6) summer.

  • dalin

    Hey yoo gimmie the loots

  • Filip Stancik

    I know I aint gonna win anything but still.

  • DingDongTP

    KT Rolster Razer Gear?! I’m sooo ready for this

  • Felito

    Noxus will rise!

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    Leaving a comment lul

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    What do you call an alligator wearing a vest? An investigator!

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    that is some epic loot

  • Branden Lee Bartlett

    I want one! My mouse is dying on me.

  • Marcos Muscio

    i really need a new mouse i have a 5 year old genius laser and it doesn’t work well

  • jan poguntke

    my name is whaaat my name is whooo my name is ???

  • wqerwqer erwer

    I wish I had signed gear

  • DaerGoTH

    I left a comment :D Hope i win :)

  • Erwin Kieft

    Me wantsta

  • Punkio

    League of Legends is the best!

  • Sebastián Piñeros

    Im still bronze V so i need this #razerpls

  • Marlon So

    want it

  • Oki Doki

    I have Cyborg Contagion RAT-7 and it’s the best mouse… wanna prove me wrong Razer?

  • Jjangvis

    i want the signed pad! started starcraft because of kt flash <3

  • Anthony Loke

    Me plox :)

  • Manuel So

    like it

  • Juan Carpio

    KT Rolster<3

  • Mikkel

    this is so cool i wold love to win a signed razer naga i wold deffenetly play a lot more league of legends with that awesome mouse.

  • Lilia So

    need it!

  • Sulton

    I like turtles

  • Michael So

    gotta have it!

  • Szczyguseczek

    I wanna win this mouse, just it :D

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    I could use a new mouse

  • Jenny So

    love it!

  • skorpien

    Would love to win

  • Sarox

    (the following story is NOT true) My friend died bla bla bla bla he told me to get a mouse yeah yeah yeah and i need the mouse so he can come back to life

  • Jacob Fattakhov

    Want. Need. Get. Mine. Now. Food

  • Abdallah Kanawati

    I hope this team will go really far in the upcoming year!

  • winner


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    I will sing a song for you

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    Awesome! This would be a lot of fun to have.

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    I NEED A NEW MOUSE, I have a whole gaming setup with a piece of sh*t mouse.

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    me me me!

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    As always another grat give away

  • Leo

    Sooo want =DDDDDD

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    My favorite LOL team, KT keep it up!! And also hope to win your signed gear az a long term loyalty fans xP

  • charles

    THis mouse is sick, i need those!

  • Francis Rubio

    with the naga you can play LoL with one hand just like a boss!

  • dajcie mi wygrac

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  • Marcelo Filipe D’Alcântara Yhb


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    I will fight everyone for this thing!!

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    Cool mouse :)

  • Ryan Castillo

    Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy…

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    I’ll gonna win this!

    Thanks in advance Razer!

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    I really do want this mouse. =D

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    hamsters are culpable under-represented in giveaway-winners, that for mes should getz thingy, ok ?

  • GregLook

    Never had a Razer naga befre,

  • Matias Oliva

    This mouse looks amazing!

  • Joshua Carroll

    Could totally use a new mouse.

  • Rhod

    pick me ^-^

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    Naga Hex FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! It’ll be legendary to get it

  • EoNSasquatch

    Need this mouse. If I get it I’ll never afk or autolock again

  • Zhong Zhen

    Here I am.. Spot me!!!

  • Mark Uisukerusu

    It looks so good, and I need to change my razor’s mouse ;)

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    This looks delicious… DO WANT!

  • Zack Locke


  • Daniel T

    Nice prize package. Count me in

  • Serg Ospishev

    I do not know what I’d do if you won.

    It seems to need a mouse as well and was expensive as memory.

  • Damian Pilecki

    shut up and take my money :D

  • pawpaw

    cool designs of razer, hoping to have one soon

  • Edan Firaga

    I can afford this :S

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    wow! a very nice mouse for my Loptop, tnx Razer..

  • Marek

    Let’s try.
    Maybe? :)

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    Want it :ooo

  • Wingblader


    PS: This piece of heaven would just hang in front of my computer seat and i wouldn’t play anymore, just stare at the piece of heaven O_O

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    Cooooool mouse

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    I Need a new mouse my other one is rabid! ^_^

  • Augustorockz

    I need a new mouse! :x mine’s an NGS that not even fits in my hand, doesn’t even scroll down or up… So yeah, I would be really thankful! if I win! :D

  • Raiden Sai Borunda

    I want to replace my logitechhhh

  • dOii

    Razer’s Gaming Gear was Awesome and COOL. More powers

  • Yu Chin

    Razer is without a doubt first class technology, one of the best in the world.

    I would love to experience that technology with this beautiful mouse.

  • Dewanto Kironoputro

    Ellis: “Aw, man, that’s the Razer Naga!”

  • Czar Ivan Enrique


  • ShadowsHD

    ive always wanted a new mouse since i dont have the money to buy one…

  • onineX

    Crossing my fingers for this!

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    hmm… Hey?

  • Arjen Teves

    I include Razer as my diet

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    just got the naga molten, but i want MOOORREEEE razer >:D

  • Edsel Boyles Florento

    i want this mouse because i deserve it

  • Laurence Cardaño

    I plan to go to the dentist today. Wish me luck.

  • Upwindchris

    i need a new i use a standard dell that somtimes doesnt work

  • Justin Luu

    I love using Razer Gears xD

  • Ian Chesterson Lim


  • Yence Anderson

    Please let me win omg xD <3

  • Viktor Johansson

    This looks awesome! MakNooN is the best.

  • Irref Lexi

    need teh mouz to rock da bronze

  • HIYE


  • Bifes


  • Zhean Wai

    Omg this is soooo awesome.i just wish to have one :P

  • Théo Delcey

    I want win this mouse to play games with better experience ! :D

  • Kyle Brito

    :O Sniff sniff it’s beautiful

  • Jakub Rykaczewski

    Come’on KaTe

  • Bartosz Wysocki

    I always wanted razer equipment ;3

  • Dice Kun

    Leesin to me !! i need those thingies !! XD

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    Gods of Razer, please let me win. -prays-

  • LoL :D

    KT Rolster

  • Celestia

    :) I would want one

  • Andrew Dang

    I need this mouse D: , I have a super old hp mouse and it always stops working as im playing and I have to restart my computer qq

  • Karyk

    That mouse is awesome :D

  • Alec de Guzman

    I’ve always wanted to buy a razer mouse but i can’t afford them :C

  • Jayson

    So Nice of you RAZER :)

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    Hey hey hey, I really need this :)

  • Jeremy Pavia

    If you are reading this then you are the lucky person because you have chosen me

  • João Pedreda

    Am i the only one who actually appreciates te fact that this is a collector’s item and not just an amazing mouse?

  • Iyman Jain

    This is cool.. want one

  • Joaquim Abreu Alves Costa

    Totally Random Awesome Comment

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    #iLOVERazer =)

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    I bet 10$ that i will not win

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    #wantRAZER dot com =)

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    i wan it!

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    Awesome Comment!

  • Colonel

    Razor Mouse

  • Jacek

    I’m new player of LoL and SC 2, should start it good.

  • Yence Anderson

    Lemme win XD

  • Soffe

    Im going to travel, so a new mouse would be perfect!

  • Gonçalo Gomes

    I would love to have that mouse!

  • Darren Frederick Chan

    Love your products :)))))

  • Justin Saramosing


  • Raymond Lim

    As a top laner, all you need is recklessness! – Ha-Woon Yoon

    As a bottom laner, all you need is teamwork!

  • Hiro Oshikawa

    mouse mouse mouse <3

  • kenneth joe bagolor

    i’m so honored to win this price :) yeah <3 love it.

  • mlin

    Razer dominates!

  • Collin Payne

    I already have a Razer Naga Hex. But all I play is LoL and would love this. It’d mean so much to me. ^-^

  • Bilko Querubin

    I’m expecting an OGN team take the world champs this year!

  • Hong Wang Tan

    Love it !!! <3

  • Eu

    GL to all of us ^^

  • James Tyronz

    I Want To win <3 !


  • AC

    Pick Me!

  • AR Montañez

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme! :D

  • leonchin

    Razer? Nah!

  • Michele Cernicchi

    Just leaving a comment.

  • Levitate

    whooaaa… I need that mouse ! my mouse is small… but perfect for my girlfriend :)
    razer is soooo good. I hope I win, but good luck everyone too !

  • Danice

    Meh meh meh! Pweazeee lol.

  • João Pedro

    hello already wanted to thank you for this great opportunity would be unique if I get up, I always played LoL with friends and they always making fun of me for not having a decent equipment to play, always been selfish to the point of never lend your mouse or keyboard for my failure often has bad connection, my mom says that I do not want to buy things for the computer, because you are unemployed and costs a lot of money for the whole month, so I can not spend money on things for your computer, hope to win because it would be very good for me as a player and to my friends learn that not everything is as they say! Thank you hope to win.

  • Daniel Ewert

    Naga Hex @ op Design

  • Veiga

    Pessoal votem em mim porfavor |

  • Nuno Cunha

    Only if I was allowed to wish.

  • Dorian Gorlinski

    Comment left! :))

  • Rajiv Prasad

    I have been an Razer user for years now i almost own every headset and keyboard made from Razer. I own a Razer blade and also most of the mouses. I dont uslally don’t join give a ways a lot but this mouse would be a nice add on for my LOL experience. Thank you.

  • Mandy

    Well, thanks for this opportunity.
    I really wanted to win this because perhaps with a super-ultra-mega-blast-overpower-motherf*cking mouse like this I can finally get into Diamond on League of Legends!

  • herf

    This would make my day to win this

  • Harriet Badilla

    I wanna win :)

  • Ronjeben Delos Reyes

    Gotta love RAZER!! :))

  • jerome

    i love razer

  • Julio Troncoso

    Best team and best mouse, what else could I ask for?

  • Guest

    I really need a new gaming mouse for playing lol because my current computer mouse is old and small and quite uncomfortable

  • Marcis Ervins Auzins

    I would love a decent gaming mouse so thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  • David Tran

    This is so nice :D

  • Tiba


  • Joshua Aboc

    Razer #1

  • Rui Cruz

    To play League of Legends

    A Razer Naga you will need

    Participate in this challenge

    If you want win

  • 林俊康

    Look lik very nice

  • Bench Cipriano

    I will put this to good use :)

  • Dennis Magtoto

    nice ^_^

  • TonZki Doofenshmirtz

    i want to win !!!!!

  • Rafael Silva

    I want it so baaaaaad pleaaaaaaaaase :D

  • Александр Бабкин

    я хочу выиграть !!!Good luck everyone !

  • Stockham

    pick meee :)

  • Mára Zgraja

    Is there signed Ocelote? :D

  • Rhayzon

    weEEEh!!! I wANT ONE T.T….
    but i have no budget since im just a student :(

  • Anupam Peter

    Hey Guys U r Really Awesome And I wish That U will Achieve success in future

  • Mr Jzng

    Dear Razer & KT Rolster,
    All I need is a better mouse to perform well in League of Legend. Thanks you so much.

  • Mark Sayo

    thanks for the opportunity, finally i’ll have the chance to play LOL with the razer gears :))

  • Stanley Dharan

    Thanks for the chance to win an awesome Razor mouse, Hope I win :)

  • Duje gunjaca


  • Reners

    would really love to win this sooooooooooooooo much !!!

  • Bones

    Good luck to all ! :)

  • Damianos Xatzhliadis

    Hello! Good Luck To Everybody Who Entered And Hope I Win! Keep It Up Razer! :D

  • Alfie

    I use my standard hp mouse when playing LeagueOFLegends could really use with an naga with the all macros!

  • Jackson Collins

    I’d love to have a mouse, still using a crappy old one!!

  • BobJsoo

    I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now but my budget hasn’t allowed for it :(

  • Martin Edward Alexander Reap

    So ya i would totally scream like a little girl if i won this just saying. All my friends would say whoop de doo but League means nothing to them so they can shove it:)

  • Gorgi Slamkov

    Hey maybe I’ll win it who knows.. At least I tried! :) GL HF :)

  • Ryan Chan

    Nice Mouse!!=D

  • Leandro Nero

    I’ve been a gamer for years. As you know, portugal is kinda poor so I can’t afford a razer mouse. Since it’s my dream to get one =/ I hope to win

  • TragiskeUnger

    Good luck everyone, especially me ;)

  • Konata Izumi

    i want this mouse…

  • kevin

    i wanna win :D not the best LoL player but i <3 LoL

  • Aldous Salvador

    Hello! I’m not a LoL player. But if I win this I feel I must be one. :)

  • Dio Jauhar

    I need a very good mouse like this naga:( I only use a 9$ mouse ==

  • gregory

    I really like that Razer always has a lot of giveaways, and mostly they are all awesome!

  • Cyrone


  • Broderick Taylor Schmidt

    That would be amazing!!! I Would be forever greatful!

  • Rymen12

    i hope i will win one would be great but propably won’t as always

  • iiiiCracker


  • jumanj

    hiho razer whatsup?

  • Furious Furion

    Don’t even want it, since I don’t play the game, but my friend is kinda die hard for LoL so this would be a nice B-day present for him.

  • Jon

    This is absolutely fantastic

  • Jojo SS2

    I like the razer mouses but they are too expensive for me. I always use my normal mouse and sometimes i think of a newmouse but when i see price i dc.

  • Charles Sanford


  • Timothy Thompson

    you guys always have the best gear hope I win

  • Laura

    Me! ME! ME PLEASE! I need a new mouse!

  • Brennan Aw

    Just bought a razer naga hex wraith red and im loving it

  • Dennis Dat Thanh Pham


  • Nikolai Rautiainen

    KT Rolster, probably the best team in the world.

  • Leethaaxer

    Is it too late to enter?

  • erwin749

    I need this mouse :D logitech half hand mice suck ! :D

  • Dejan Zivanov

    Hello people :D

  • georgs psarras


  • Andrej Engler

    I need this MOUSE :) I hope win this giveaway

  • Leyton

    I hope I will win :D

  • brandon wu

    lol need to get back into that

  • marc


  • Dominic TheXploder Coles

    Don’t mess with the Teemo:

    Pantheon and Garen Walk into a Bar. Gragas stands as the bartender and asks “What’ll it be fellas?”. As Pantheon and Garen order some Demacian grade beer, they see Teemo out of it on the stool next to them. Garen asks Teemo “Are you okay little guy?”. Teemo reacts by saying “These Shrooms man, they mess with your mind. First there are one or two here or there and before you know it, their everywhere. Screw wards, this is the real deal!”.

    Garen & Pantheon get freaked out but enjoy their night regardless. As they head out to of the bar they both get killed by a series of Shrooms that have been placed around the bar. Teemo pops his head out of the door of the bar and says “Double Kill SUCKAS!”.

  • David Tran

    Yes pleeeease! :D

  • Jonathan Noguera

    tnx for the opportunity, i really need a new mouse, my razer habu is dying T.T

  • Mattarias

    Sure, why not.

  • Brandon Smith

    I have been looking for a new mouse and found this site with the help of a friend that I meat gaming. then when I saw this I new that it was an chance that I just couldn’t pass up. The equipment that you guys offer is just and simply amazing I have never found such gear as what you guys offer and I’ am truly honored to be able to have access to such equipment as this.

  • Cedrick Co

    I would love to have that Razer Naga Hex.

  • Tster

    pick me please :)

  • gregrory


  • Connor Smith

    I think razer is great, how they do all the give a way’s and stuff. hope I get close this time.
    thx again razer

  • István Süveges


  • Péter Katalin

    I like it!

  • Krisztina Kollár

    Good luck all!

  • Istvánné Süveges


  • Katalin Rékasi

    Thank you and good luck!

  • György Hideg


  • Rodrigo Condori Bedoya

    Best opportunity in the world!!!!!

  • Sambo Or

    Love Razer’s product line up!

  • SOL

    Best company ever!

  • lucas

    B.F. Sword (1550g), Pickaxe (875g), Cloak of Agility (730g)

  • Hizkia Kustiawan

    nice mouse

  • Adam Mykel

    Ive never won anything. But Ill give it a shot. Heres hoping!

  • Jon leite

    I would be the happiest man in the world omg.

  • Vasary


  • Caio Rodrigues

    Sou muito pobre, e gostaria de ganhar um mouse assim nem tenho condições de comprar… votem em mim por favor ?

  • Zukins7

    I would be very happy to win bevares i love lol and i love razer i have a razer mamba 2012 edition and i love it. :)

  • Luka Janketić

    Well, am playing league since s1 and always with a steam powered pc, im thinking about getting a new one if i can manage to get money, im not really good with money but im good at league. i dont have the money to get anything expensive, and i am stuck at plat 1 becouse my pc is too slow and i have old mouse and cannot farm nowmally. this would be a great help to me.

  • Amiko Megrelishvili

    Anyway good luck others <3

  • Dali Popxadze


  • Nikolas Ivanovich

    LoL i hope to win but there is a 99.9% percent i Will win but here it goes wazzzaaaa i wana win:D

  • Thanh Ho


  • Nika Garuchava

    nice gear i would like to have

  • James Kuznecoff

    Koreans are the true pioneers of the meta.

  • Michael Howard

    All i can say Razer is thanks so so much for the opportunity to win such a prestigious item! Thanks again

  • Gromtor

    awesome comp and awesome player!

  • Lynx

    Insteresting… Very interesting…

  • Eduardo

    Awesome, i want it so bad !!!

  • MDeLuffyZ

    i rly need the razer gear because my gear rly sucks and i wanna to play a bit higher but its impossible to get platin when everybody has an advance bacuase of the gear. so pls give it to me

  • kevin tan

    i want that signed KT rolster naga <3

  • malek

    want one dont have a rezer mouse yet

  • Leonardo Caliari

    omg!!!i need this!!!Fe em Deus…

  • Hao2Pro

    A comment.

  • Guest

    want. want. want. and i want it now :cc preety pls? :c

  • Daniela

    I want, and i want it now! Please :c

  • Daniela

    I want it, and I want it now ;_; PLEASEEEEEE? :ccc

  • Kenji Suzuki

    Is this giveaway still up??

  • Kazuma Yamazaki

    Hope I can win :D

  • Mario Kaev

    Damn a singed razer mouse by KT?
    Somebody is going to be very happy i guess
    (That someone obviosly not me i have such bad luck at gifting events xD)

  • NanoHologuise

    need. NEED. Razer Pls

  • João Vitor

    I need one in brazil,give me.

  • Jediguy

    I want soooo bad, but I don’t know if I would play with it or just stare at it.

  • Martin

    When ypu mention it i could really use a new Gaming Mouse. Mine is 2 Years Old and i dont got no money for it either so yeah it would be great if i won :D

  • Chico Araújo

    I want it ^^

  • Y.Rafi

    Sounds dangerous … I’m in.

  • Eric Tran


  • Cy Bae

    Please! :D

  • Bao Nguyen Dang TheNoodle

    gimme mouse plox!

  • Skalver

    I came from Flash stream! hoi hoi hoi

  • Flayer

    I really wanna win

  • Nelson Manuel Tam Urribarri

    great gears in extra value signed, just awesome!

  • Jonel Nacario

    chance of winning? doesn’t matter still love razer product.. especially to Min-Liang Tan we owe you one, for helping/donate for the Visayas Quake victims here in the Philippines so Thank You …

  • Kyriacos Avgousti

    kt bullets!

  • Alleecc

    No one is probably going to see this comment and im probably not going to win because of the fact that there is 750 comments but if youd pick me….my life would be complete xD

  • Tom Gregory

    Go KT Rolster!

  • orllaan

    troll or afk xD

  • Shaun Patterson


League of Legends

League of Legends


Mid or AFK


Influenced by the original WarCraft 3 mod "Defense of the Ancients"

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Razer partners with some of the best teams on the planet and as such the group of individuals in these videos are the best of the best. Among the contributors we have IPL Champions, MLG Champions as well as a slew of other major titles.

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