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LoL Champion Guide Episode 10 (Season 3) – Doublelift guide to Graves

LoL Champion Guide Episode 10 (Season 3) – Doublelift guide to Graves

Doublelift breaks down his Graves AD Carry play


In the tenth video of the second series Doublelift breaks down his Graves play style and gives you information on how to best utilize the champion


For detailed Runes, Masteries and item builds head over to:




Graves Runes


Graves Masteries

  • George T

    In the Runepage image it says he runs +15% attack speed marks, but in the video he starts with 76 ad, which means he’s running AD marks. Ideally, which one would be better for use on Graves? I would normally expect flat AD, so the attack speed seemed unusual.

    • ShiftMethod

      that’s what I thought as well. They showed a wrong runepage.

    • Gamecrashed

      It’s flat ad. It’s better with graves.

  • miki

    he uses some ad things against the graves so it means he has ad marks

  • Cyborg

    why did chauster and jiji both built agies? doesnt stack

    • PlaceholderPigeon

      The holder of an Aegis can benefit from an additional Aegis aura. So technically Jiji and Chau both benefit from both, but others just get an extra auras.

      • lolwat

        Thise effect has been removed since they created bulwark btw.

        • Linus Lavardo

          It still persists. If I have a runic and you have a runic its a double aura on both of us but our allies only get one instance of it. Same goes for runic and agies. We both get one runic and one agies but our ally gets only the better of the two.

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