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LoL Champion Guide Episode 3 (Season 3) – Yellowpete guide to Varus

LoL Champion Guide Episode 3 (Season 3) – Yellowpete guide to Varus

Yellowpete breaks down his Varus AD Carry play 


In the third video of the second series Yellowpete breaks down his Varus play style and gives you information on item builds as well analyzing  one of his own replays.


For detailed Runes Masteries and item builds head over to:



Varus Runes



Varus Masteries








  • Ki5 Tågstation

    Awesome thanks alot razer and Yellowpete!

  • JoaoManso

    nice ty for this guide i really like the champion and now i know how to own even more with it

  • Peter

    For a German he doesn’t have much of an accent when speaking in English. Very impressive. He must have been speaking English for some time.

  • Czekbe

    that’s good build :” Blodthrister , Huragan , Bersekers , Infinity Edge and Phantom dancer ??? or phantom buy Blade of Ruined king

  • Czekbe

    and Last Whisper

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