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LoL Champion Guide Episode 2 (Season 3) – Froggen guide to Lee Sin Mid

LoL Champion Guide Episode 2 (Season 3) – Froggen guide to Lee Sin Mid

Froggen breaks down his Lee Sin mid lane play


In the second video of the second series Froggen breaks down his Lee Sin play style and gives you information on item builds as well analyzing  one of his own replays.


For detailed Runes Masteries and item builds head over to:



Lee Sin Runes



Lee Sin Masteries









  • Jonas Rantamäki

    Finally a Froggen Lee Sin guide! :)

  • Watarara

    watched vid, wondering why he just didn’t buy a sightstone if he used wards that often…

    • Djekkor

      because using 700g on 1 visit is alot money, but getting 1-3 ward everytime you go buy something what you really need isnt that much. so he uses max. 225 on wards when he goes for a buy, sightstone isnt so good as an item for a champ that falls of latergame, he needs to get his midgame core build asap.

  • Brezha

    Can I ask why you get the crit damage + attack speed when crit masteries when you dont get and crit items or have and crit chance in runes/masteries? do you still have a crit chance somehow?

    • Vayne, the outplayer

      ^This. IMO it would be better to use those points either on CDR or the ASP on tier1

      • Brezha

        I have used mine in turret damage and cdr

    • Lightrealm

      Haha I wondered that too, but Froggen just doesn’t give a shit. I guess he’s too lazy to bother trying to figure out any other way to max dmg.

  • Andre

    Please add a subtitle for people with bad english

    • YouSneak

      Dude, his English isn’t bad, I can completely understand him…

      • msboy123

        He means that his English is bad, not Froggens…

  • Folium

    Is syndra a viable champ?

    • la bruja

      That’s just the question one should ask under Lee Sin guide…

  • hatshotgaygay

    please try to not fall asleep while commentating next time

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