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LoL Champion Guide Episode 7 – Wickd guide to Irelia

LoL Champion Guide Episode 7 – Wickd guide to Irelia

Wickd breaks down his Irelia top lane play



In the seventh video of the series Wickd breaks down his Irelia play style and gives you information on item builds as well analyzing  one of his own replays.




  • Crabforce

    I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks wickd, gl in s3 <3

  • BigBoss


  • AnIh

    where can i find the beastly irelia art at the begning ?

    • Mikey

      just right click on the video and press stop download.

  • Morten R Ullensvang

    “Irelia breaks down his Irelia top lane play”? Hah. Proof-read it at least.

  • Legless

    Having a recap of a 2v1 lane helps nothing, this never happens in anything but a pro game….

    • W000000t

      ooooor, in normals

    • Leps

      Happened to me 2 days ago in 1400 elo.

  • Gary McNeil

    When do you buy Frozen mallet/ wits end over Trinity Force/GA as Irelia?


      Whenever you have a squishy jungler, I’d say go for mallet over triforce.

      • Astado

        Erm in this game he has maokai on snoopeh and mundo on the opposite….no squishy jungler on both sides so your argument is invalid

    • iamjstar

      This video is actually just really outdated. Frozen mallet is a more peel/utility oriented build for Irelia. This is pre-nerf when Irelia could get away with just buying atmallets/wits end for damage. As it currently is, frozen mallet should only be purchased when you’re behind and aiming to peel/offer utility for your team since you’re behind. Alternately, you could be attempting to become the main tank. Trinity force is almost always better on Irelia as it allows for the classic carry diving strategy that Irelia is used for.

  • daniel

    voyboy being trashed

  • Yo

    Miguel’s really taking the replacing Krepo thing to heart.

  • Niklas Brandt

    I love how you can hear Wickd doing his guide on the same game in the background:P

  • mar89win

    I’m a bit dissapointed about all those CLG guides. I mean they are great and pretty informative videos, but that just commented games, not a guides. I would love to see some real guides sometime.

  • Patronax

    why are you using teleport instead of ignite?

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