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Ask the Pros: Quantic Illusion

Ask the Pros: Quantic Illusion

Before the practice session, Illusion answers your questions live!

Ever wanted to ask Quantic Illusion a question about his time in Korea? Or how he is preparing for the World Championships this weekend?


Well now is your chance, leave your questions below and Mr.Bitter may choose to ask them before the practice session goes live.


Also if you leave a question you stand a chance to win 1 of 5 Heart of the Swarm Beta Keys! 


See the image below for the full info on when the live Q&A as well as the pre-BWC practice session is happening.



  • Robert Dahlin

    How many games do you practise every day?

  • Jacob

    How is your practice different in the team house to practicing at home?

  • Weaklink

    Recently on Twitter you have said your winrate went from 70% on NA to 20-30% on Tw/Kr, What has been one of the biggest factors for you to keep your motivation to keep playing?

  • Pred

    what is the major idea behind the practice before BWC? It to make new build, new style or simply level up your game play?

  • Alex

    As an NA Terran player, how do you keep yourself motivated considering that NA has a very weak showing of top Terran players like yourself.

  • Christian

    how did you get so good at micro?

  • Vince Michael Ravina Aldueso

    It seems that Terran doing weaker in most of the major tournaments. What do you think about the current Terran meta game? Is it getting weaker by the hour? And also your practice in Korea, does the atmosphere and the other teams nice to you?

  • viZor

    Q.Illusion, do you prefer to train by mainly laddering or working on specific build orders and responses by playing with practice partners? Which of the two do you believe to be more beneficial?

  • Jakob Lundgren

    Q. What maps do you use to train on specific parts of your game (micro/macro, early/late) and how do you warm up before important matches?

  • HylianSavior

    How do you prepare for your tournaments? Do you just rely on your practice on ladder or do you prepare specific builds for specific players?

  • Acronysis

    Question: How important is being able to prepare for a match critical to your success?

  • Gladiator333

    Q. Do you have any rolemodel in the community? Also, which Terran’s playstyle do you like the most to watch?

  • Brian McClure

    Who are your most feared opponents in the group stage, and what are you doing to prepare for your matches against them?

  • Satchmo

    You’ve been one of the stronger foreign players for a very long time now. Do you still feel like you’re improving at such a high level? How exactly do you try to improve your own game?

  • Tim Mervine

    How was your time playing in Korea split between ladder and practice games? Also who did you play practice games with if you did?

  • KuhJunge

    How are your parents thinking about Starcraft 2 and progaming?

  • Lilyfox

    What’s your most memorable Starcraft 2 moment ever?

  • Krytos

    Did you ever consider going back to Korea to enhance your training environment and would you consider joining a KeSPA team if you get the chance?

  • Nexana

    What are your plans for the future? A lot of progamers have been retiring lately. What will you do after giving it your all for eSports? Will you stay in the business as a caster or event organizer, or will you concentrate on different things?

  • Mike

    After being only one of four Terrans to make it to the BWC, what do you think how high your chances of reaching the top 4 or the finale are?

  • Rebecca

    In addition to practicing with the Razer Academy how have you prepared for BWC? I guess you time in Korea must have helped you a lot. But how did your training change in effectiveness?

  • MightyDuck

    With the approach of the HOTS release, what are your thoughts on the expansion? Since the current meta game has gotten pretty boring, do you think that HOTS will bring some new exciting strategies?

  • Alexis

    With all the new features implanted in to HOTS by Blizzard, which is the one you like the most and what is something that you think has to be in HOTS or WoL?

  • Alexis

    With all the new features in HOTS, which is the one you like the most? And what is a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet, but you think is vital for the game?

  • Ethan Blust

    Illusion, Recently you sent out a Tweet saying you were thinking of quitting and felt mentally broken. Has that affected your practice, and are you feeling better?

  • Robin

    You said on Twitter that you would be going back to America after WCS. Do you think that it will influence your training in a negative way not being in Korea any more?

  • David Dabb

    I want to switch from zerg to terran. What is a great way to start with that switch? Should I just throw a lot of games until I get it?

  • roof tip

    How will the addition of world matchmaking in SC2 across servers change your training and what servers will you most likely play on?

  • Kuroifoig

    Do you plan on attending university after a short period of starcraft 2 or do you plan on sticking to starcraft 2 for an extended period of time?

  • Kyo

    Do you think you’ve prepared enough for this tournament? And what was your practice like in korea?

  • Slyntch

    Did you start in Bronze or did you just connect to the game and start in a high leauge?

  • danzuki

    hello guyz :) im newbie here :)

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