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LoL Champion Guide Episode 5 – Snoopeh guide to Maokai

LoL Champion Guide Episode 5 – Snoopeh guide to Maokai

Snoopeh goes into detail about his Maokai jungle play .



In the fifth video of the series Snoopeh breaks down his Makoi play style and gives you information on item builds as well analyzing  one of his own replays.





  • Vanar

    Very complete, with breakdown of key moments for analysis, careful map observation and not just focusing on the champ. Best guide so far :)

  • Augie Hirth

    Snoopeh how does one get better at map awareness and prediction. I noticed every time tried to make a play, your entire team collapsed around them, every time, and they were caught out two, maybe three versus five. Other than warding, how do you make that happen?

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