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Ask the Pros: TSM Reginald

Ask the Pros: TSM Reginald

Ask the Pro is back with a live Q&A with TSM Reginald



On 25th September at 19:30 we will be having a ARAM invitational, before hand there will be Q&A session with TSM Reginald.  If you have questions for Reginald, post them in the comments below and it may be chosen.


  • Hazelime

    Question: When will we be able to buy TSM Razer gear similar to the CLG stuff? Or was that only because CLG was Razer team of the year?

    • André

      CLG gear only came out because they were the razer team of the year.

  • AmigoSniped

    Out of all the teams that didn’t qualify for the Season 2 World Championships, which one would you be the most worried to go up against?

  • Nick

    How do you feel about not being the one to get shafted of the 5 winning reginal teams?

  • Maximin

    Ass or Tits?

  • TheAngel

    What do you say to haters?


      Good question mah friend!

  • Oliver Johnson

    What happened to his eyebrows? (very important question)

  • Swirreftw

    How viable is kat now in competetive play after the rework? Good luck in the season 2 finals! TSM


    Tsm tsm tsm.. Tsm tsm? Tsm. TSM TSM TSM TSM. T s m tsmtsmtsm. TSM!

  • Sweetcurry

    How come you dont play brand like in the good old times? =D

  • Blighted Ovum

    Why are you so cute regi?

  • NinjASkiLLz

    What do you think about the Season 2 Championships and who do you think will take the win?

  • Zarriox

    Hello TSM, i’ve started to taking a serious like Of League of legends and i was wondering about a few questions i hope u can answer them.
    Question 1.
    In a team fight, is it worth trading your life to get the enemy ad carry down, if ur an ap carry or an jungler?
    Question 2.
    Warding, which roles have the most prio on warding and how many on the team should ward at all time in the game?
    Question 3.
    Oracle? As the leader of our team i like to tell our jungler to keep buying wards even thought he should get a few deaths what is your idéas about warding? And who should buy it at all times.

    • Zarriox

      I have tons of mor questions, but this is just the biggys hope u could help me:)
      thank u have a nice day:P

  • David

    Q1- Why have you stopped playing ranked since august?

    Q2- Opinions on mid eve? is she too strong?

    Q3- Top 5 champions for midlane in solo q

  • imRadon

    you need to make Oddone teach you some Annie :) Do you also think karthus will be permabanned against you at worlds?

  • Kiaela

    What’s going to happen with Leena and Yoonie when you guys come to California?

  • Dingus420x

    How do you get better at outplaying people?

  • Dingus420x

    Also why do you stream like once a month, I miss watching you say stuff like “thats why you bench” when you pwn doublelift.

  • Andrew

    What happend to TSM Hunter?

  • Kubuś

    What mice and keyboard do u used on LoL championship?

  • ungabunga23

    What type of mouses do you guys use by Razer?

  • C00lStoryy

    what mouse do u use

  • World Peace

    What mouse DPI do you use, do you use smartcast, normal cast, or a combination of both?

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