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LoL Champion Guide Episode 3 – Doublelift guide to Vayne

LoL Champion Guide Episode 3 – Doublelift guide to Vayne

Doublelift goes into detail about his Vayne play and breaks down how you can do the same



In the third video of the series Doublelift breaks down his Vayne play style and gives you information on item builds as well analyzing  one of his own replays.



Example Masteries


Example Runes


  • EcLiPzZz

    Have you maxed Q>E>W this game?

    • Random Scrub

      He did Q>W>E.

  • Morrky

    Godda say, that I love the fact that you show so much support for your fans, and everyone in league that wants to get better.

    I liked this Vayne guide a lot, I think I picked up a few tricks here that might either make me feed or get fed, depending on how I execute them. But knowing that properly executed, they will help me in winning I can look forward in trying them until I learn them.

    There was a lot of commenting about “this is a dull part” and “I hope this entertained you”, WELL… I didnt come here to be entertained exactly, I came here to see high quality Vayne play with some information to back the decision and plays that were made.
    And those were delivered.

    The “dull parts” are actually in my opinion quite interesting, as you really need to know when you actually can split push more or less safely and when does it help your team. This “dull part” can actually change the game result in a single push and claiming of baron.

    Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it!

  • shashank

    What replay program is he using? is it LoL replay? sorry if i sound like a noob or something. it just looks different to the replays i’ve seen on youtube

    • EliteCueCue

      Yes, there is a feature in LoL Replay where you can record from Spectator Mode, which helps with the health bar glitch.

  • juzblazin

    this guide need to be updated ;( pls

  • Voyboy

    Can you please leave us a build? XD thx

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