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Athene – Motivation

Athene – Motivation

In his second video Athene looks at what motivates gamers and delves deep into the mind.



In this video Athene looks at the effect the primitive mind can have on a gamer’s ability to be motivated to play.


  • Peterbj

    Athene, how did you get to that skill level so that you can (for example) kill diablo with only blues, any tips?

    • Mittenzz101

       I think it is practices and practices because he sat there every knight killing diablo so he got to know what his weakness are and when he is going to use certen spells

  • Thaisommer

    how did you feel, when you by mistake showed you’re password on the livestream and people you (kinda) trusted, took advantage and ruind you’re Diablo account ?

  • JewFish

    Athene, your video has inspired me to give professional call of duty back up. The only problem is I cant seem to get a grip with the pressure. any pointers to help me with this

  • FeedtheHead

    Athene – I have a dream to one day go pro in Starcraft. Of course I can’t this early because of school, but I’m not exactly sure how to get my name out there. I know that the best way to become more recognized is by winning major tournaments, but I simply don’t have the time. Until I get to be able to compete at a pro or semi-pro level, I was wondering if you had any tips on becoming more popular in the gaming world.

  • GGSoap

    Muscle memory would be cool to be enlighted on (i.e Starcraft 2 etc). How we adjust to hotkeys and how to improve?

  • Wolfkid

    Athene- what are your thoughts on people choosing to go into gaming as a form of escapism, a lot of my wow mates have irl problems and it seems to be an on going correlation. Im interested in what you think of this :)

  • Rasmussen_1994

    Ok athene, in arena in WoW ? Would it be smarter to take a little break after losing a game ? So the brain could ”reset” ?

  • Pjuusken

    Hey Athene, love your vidds about inpiration and how you reach out to other people. My question is; do you think that peoples lives at home ( What they have experianced at home) could have an negative effect on how you play or how they progress in beeing a better player? :)

  • Luxury

    Do you feel there are any “psychological training methods” to help the brain deal better with losing? Is changing a persons mindset something that is achievable?

  • Vasil Kendev

    Hey Athene are you familiar with “Lumosity” its a web based software designed by Harvard scientists to improve your brain in any way possible by using the mechanics of the Human Cognition project. Ive been using it for weeks and i can report much better reactions, faster calculations and much much more. You should check it out at

  • Asd


  • Kalle_anka

    Athene , did u die to Diablo when u was gonna solo him naked the first time ?
    Btw love what u do for them KIDS !

  • Neo

    Hi Athene, mb you know where to win a Diablo 3 Copy? Becouse my acc got banned becouse used bot, dunno why, but now i need New key to play wouth stiupid cheats. Ofc lots of ppl still using bots and get ower 100kk but blizz ban me with 10kk grinding with bot

  • IpAwNproZ4Athene-LoL

    Yeah man i Understand it all what you say at times i do get losing Streaks i actually going to buy a NIA soon for gaming

  • Dawid Sm1

    Don’t you play for fun also?

  • BujajBanana

    Would be cool if You could say something about focus in games. As it
    aply to moba type, rts and fps. Maintaining the focus on the game (both
    ours and our teammates), how it affects us and the game itself. It kinda
    connects with the motivation too. Tought about that cuz it’s easy to
    “go lazy” while playing, slowing ur decisions, farm, ability to predict
    enemy moves.

    Also – the emotions behind the game. As a focus boost, motivation boost and also a high impact thing on decision making (as where to go/strike from where (fps), irrational chasing(moba type), thinking outside the box in rts (distraction points on ur enemy, builds, etc.) and how to keep ‘em in cage (or use them like u want and like u should, not be ruled by them).

  • James Swallows

    Hello Athene. I play on the realm Sargeras alliance, and i couldnt help but notice it says you are the fastest power leveler. my old server, is dead, so i switched to sargeras, and im starting all over with a warlock. Is there any tips, or ways to level really fast?

    • demologic

      yes go demo spec and u will lvl fast dungeons and quest que for instances all time and do quest also plus herliooms bingo 2-4 days and u are 85

  • Awesome Fan .

    FFS ATHENE , Speed up that academy contect , as you can see everyone LOVE it and i cant wait 6 months for 2 more video’s that might help me become a better gamer .

  • Jay Jackson

    I have been loving these videos. I think you should make more videos of the connection of neuroscience and gaming. It has help me a lot. TL:DR – Make video on things we can do to become better at games that involves a certain way we SHOULD be thinking. Hope you see this and great job!

  • Kevin Ran

    Athene, long time fan. I’m loving these videos! Keep it up! Question: maybe for those of us who are not as in-tune as a pro-gamer, what should we do (better yet: what do you do) to prevent yourself from backwards rationalizing or falling back to primitive thoughts and impulsive drives when you game? Do you have exercises outside of gaming that could help?

  • Daniel Rist

    so athene is talking about people playing games to own other people i remember a youtube vid about MoP where he says: I only play WoW so i can own dem scrubs them fuckin nooobzzz ure just like the others dude accept u got fame in my Opinion i play games to relax ore have fun but what i really want is : I wanna make money of it! and call it my job

  • zamir aizen

    i wanna be like athene someday . support people ,play games, support people, play games .

  • Jaurys

    well I know what will help me not to have more wins in LOL – Balanced Life ! :)

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