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DRG the Champ

DRG the Champ

Over the years there have been many sporting champions – each unique, brilliant and genius in their own way. In this case, our champion is Park “DongRaeGu” Soo Ho: professional StarCraft II player, the world’s current best Zerg and arguably overall best player!



In this episode of the Razer Academy I interview DRG in English after his MLG Anaheim championship victory. We discuss what it’s like for DongRaeGu to be the very best, what it takes, how he copes, and what he thinks of the latest patches.

  • Melvyn187

    nice interview

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Ask the Pro Series

Ask the Pro Series

Ask the Pro Series



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Ever wanted a shot at asking your favorite pro-gamers how they became great, how they found the motivation and dedication to win consistently, or how they cope with a professional gaming lifestyle? Then look no further! The Razer Academy "Ask the Pro Series" is a series dedicated to you - the fans and followers of Team Razer's elite - and to give you a chance to interact with some of your favorite professional gamers through interviews, spotlights and competitions. Keep your attention firmly on this spot to ensure you're up to speed with all the latest activities and to give yourself the best chance of being involved!

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